10 benefits of being a Nintendo fan

It’s hard to imagine the gaming industry without Nintendo. From its humble origins as a company selling playing cards, a vast library of games on often original systems, and the sheer creativity of their production, Nintendo has attracted fans from all over the world.

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With theme parks, movies, and an overabundance of games to play or hope for, now is a great time to be a Nintendo fan. While there have been some disappointments along the way, there are a lot of benefits to being a Nintendo fan today.

ten Nintendo has its own theme park, with more to come

super nintendo world

The Super Nintendo World Universal Studios Japan’s theme area opened in March 2021. The entire space is interactive, with people able to use Power Up Bands to collect coins and fight enemies. There is also an augmented reality merry-go-round and Kinopio coffee, a restaurant that serves Mario-themed goodies. A Donkey Kong expansion has been announced and is slated to open in 2024, and there are plans for more Super Nintendo World parks to open in the United States and Singapore.

9 The convenience of hybrid play

change table game oled

Nintendo has tried to introduce hybrid games with the Wii U, but mainly due to a lack of clear marketing, it hasn’t gone very well. Fortunately, this paved the way for the Switch., which has been hugely successful. Its hybrid functionality means gamers can play anywhere, anytime, even if you just remove the console from the docking station to let someone else in the house watch TV.

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Handheld games had been around for decades when the Switch released in 2017, but being able to choose between three different ways to play makes it Nintendo’s most versatile system to date.

8 The variety of Nintendo IP exclusives and consoles

franchises nintendo mario metroid zelda kirby

Being a Nintendo fan means having access to unique and diverse video games. Whether it be Metroid, Animal Crossing, Where Splatoon, there is a wide variety of games to choose from that spans different genres, from first person shooters and board games to role playing games. Go back to the NES, there is also an extensive library of retro games available to fans which is partly accessible through the Nintendo Switch online service.

7 The company values ​​the pleasure of the players

Nintendo Switch Party players having fun

Nintendo has made no secret of the fact that for them the amount of fun the player gets while playing their games is the most important factor. While the performance of some games suffered from Nintendo’s technological shortcomings, they gave fans countless fun and unique experiences to make up for it. What’s more, Nintendo executive bonuses are remarkably modest for a company of this size, and Satoru Iwata suffered a 50% pay cut after dismal Wii U sales to avoid layoffs.

6 Movies, manga and other media

super mario focused looking mario animated film

While the first Super Mario Bros. the film did not go very well with a lot of fans, the animation The film which will be released in 2022 offers another photo of the little plumber on the big screen. We are also talking about a Donkey kong film in preparation, with Seth Rogen voicing the main character. In other media terms, a number of Nintendo franchises have their own manga for fans to enjoy, including Kirby, The Legend of Zelda, and Super Metroid. There are also lots of fun toys and collectibles like amiibo for the enjoyment of the fans.

5 Fun for the whole family

Nintendo wii family playing on a sofa

When the Wii released at the end of 2006, it created a phenomenon. Suddenly it wasn’t just kids and young adults playing games – it was entire generations, from young kids to grandparents. Wii Sports in particular provided simple, accessible and above all fun games for the whole family. This trend continued with the Switch, thanks to its portability and range of cooperative games like the Mario party series and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

4 Nintendo has one of the brightest minds in gaming

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of some of the most well-known Nintendo franchises, including Mario and THE legend of Zelda. He helped design the Super Nintendo and N64 controllers and played a major role in the Wii development.

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He was also heavily involved in the design and construction of the Super mario world amusement park. Along with Miyamoto, Nintendo has one of the brightest and most inventive minds in the video game industry who has provided fans with so many memorable experiences, with hopefully many more to come.

3 Nintendo creates different and innovative consoles

Nintendo switch gamecube wii consoles new n64

Starting with the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, Nintendo created several outstanding consoles, both in the handheld and home console markets. In fact, while they didn’t invent the portable game, Nintendo popularized it and created a market with the Game Boy, released in 1989 and designed by Gunpei Yokoi and his team. With the GameCube, Wii, Nintendo DS, and 3DS, and now the Switch, it’s clear Nintendo is doing things differently, delighting fans who couldn’t predict what happened next.

2 Nintendo games make you feel like a kid again

With their bright colors and cute characters, Nintendo’s mascots and characters are likely to appeal primarily to children, but that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them too. In fact, Nintendo games provide joy and excitement in that they can make an adult feel like a kid again. Nintendo developers are able to bring a sense of innocence and childlike wonder to their games, perhaps the best example of this being the inspiration of Shigeru Miyamoto from his childhood living in Kyoto when creating THE legend of Zelda.

1 The creativity of Nintendo’s release is unmatched

Whether it’s games, consoles, or theme parks, Nintendo’s creativity is a huge plus. Fans can never be sure what to expect, all they know is they can expect to be surprised, and more often than not surprises are good. As the company increasingly diversifies into other areas of entertainment, for diehard fans, it’s all about games. There is so much to love about Nintendo games, be it the characters, humor, game design, or any of the many things that make a Nintendo game what it is.

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