10 Best GBA Games You Can Beat In One Sitting

the video game The industry continues to evolve in incredible ways, leaving audiences with more options than ever. It’s easy to focus on the ongoing achievements of next-gen hardware, but there are still plenty of milestones from the gaming industry’s past worth celebrating. The Nintendo Switch bridges the gap between console gaming and handheld gaming, but for years Nintendo approached those areas separately.

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The Game Boy Advance is a key piece of hardware that has helped Nintendo dominates the handheld console market for years. Game Boy Advance Games were noticeably longer than titles that appeared on Nintendo’s Game Boy Color, but not all games were interested in being an in-depth experience. Some of the most satisfying Game Boy Advance builds can actually be completed in a single game.

ten Kirby: Nightmare In Dream Land Remakes An NES Classic With More Love

Nintendo Kirby Nightmare In Dreamland Boss Battle

One of the main selling points of Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance is that it can effectively handle Super Nintendo-grade games at the handheld level. This has resulted in numerous SNES ports, as well as remakes of classics from previous generations. Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland is a remake of original nintendo Kirby’s adventure. Aesthetically, Nightmare in dreamland looks amazing and has lots of extra perks like extra playable characters and lots of entertaining subgames. However, the base game still only has eight levels, all short and simple.

9 Sonic Advance games are the definitive portable Sonic experience

Early generations of games pitted Sega against Nintendo in competition, but Sega’s evolution into a third-party developer after the Dreamcast’s death eventually meant that Sega’s Sonic could be on Nintendo hardware. the Sonic Advance Game Boy Advance games are a love letter to the original Genesis trilogy. They generate proper velocity speed, feature inspired level design, and don’t get too bogged down in extraneous concepts. All of these titles can be browsed in a single session, but the first Sonic Advance is both the shortest and the best.

8 Mega Man Zero lets Mega Man X’s powerful sidekick run the show

the mega man are some of Capcom’s most popular releases and the Super Nintendo has developed some of their most impressive games through their Mega Man X trilogy. These games feature Zero, a compelling supporting character who finally gets a spotlight in the Game Boy Advance. four Mega Man Zero securities.

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the Mega Man Zero The franchise translates Zero’s fast-paced melee combat into a new setting that’s as entertaining as it is profound. There is so much content to master in Mega Man Zerobut players with less time can also run through them in less than three hours.

seven Gunstar Super Heroes is a frenetic action game with a retro sensibility

GBA Games Gunstar Super Heroes

Treasure is a revered game developer that made a name for itself in the 90s with exceptional platforming action. The Sega Genesis’ Gunstar Hero is one of Treasure’s greatest triumphs, and audiences were incredibly surprised when an official sequel has happened more than a decade after the original’s release. 2005 Gunstar Super Hero for the Game Boy Advance not missing a beat of classic Genesis sound. It offers addictive run-and-gun gameplay that pushes Game Boy Advance hardware to its limits. The gameplay and presentation behind Gunstar Super Hero are impeccable, but the chaotic adventure lasts little more than two hours.

6 Mario Kart: Super Circuit is an endlessly entertaining handheld racing game

Mario Race at Lakeside Park

by Nintendo Mario Kart The franchise is one of their biggest performers and it has arguably usurped Mario’s platforms on appeal. Mario Karts popularity is still at an all-time highbut the Game Boy Advance Mario Kart: Super Circuit was a crucial release for the handheld. Super Tour is the first handheld Mario Kart game and he doesn’t struggle with this transition at all. It contains all of the courses from the original Super Nintendo, plus nearly two dozen new courses. Super Tour contains endless replayability and takes forever to master, but the various cups can all be beaten easily within hours.

5 Klonoa: Empire Of Dreams is a good beginner platformer for all ages

GBA Games Klonoa Empire Of Dreams

Klonoa is a quirky fantasy platformer which found an audience on the PlayStation and initially experimented with portable versions on the Japanese WonderSwan handheld. The Game Boy Advances Klonoa: Empire of Dreams sits between the two main titles and is a great take on the side-scrolling platformer with puzzle elements.

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by Klonoa PlayStation outings aren’t too difficult or time-consuming and the same goes with empire of dreams. It is a satisfying introduction to Klonoa for the Nintendo crowd, but it won’t challenge audiences for very long.

4 Metroid Fusion sets a new standard for 2D Metroid games

Metroid Fusion Nightmare Battle

Nintendo sometimes has trouble showering metroid with the same respect they have for mario and Zelda, but the past few years have been good for fans of the sci-fi/action series. That of the switch Metroid Dread is praised as a highlight of the seriesbut narratively it continues the bad mood of the Game Boy Advance Metroid Fusion. This Super Metroid successor offers precise, intuitive controls and one of the most intimidating atmospheres in a metroid Game. Metroid Fusion is full of secrets, but the main objectives can be completed in about five hours, or considerably faster for those who know what they’re doing.

3 The legendary Starfy 3 is the franchise’s GBA swan song

Games GBA Legendary Starfy 3

Nintendo has improved a lot with location of niche propertiescorn The Legendary Starfy is still one of the company’s biggest oversights. Starfy’s the roots actually go back to the original Game Boy, even though the first North American release was the fourth entry in the Nintendo DS franchise. the Starfy the games are brightly colored and full of lovable characters and level designs, but they’re pretty simple in the challenge department. The third of the Game Boy Advance Starfy The game feels like the most comprehensive entry in the series, but it can still be completed in one long play session.

2 Astro Boy: Omega Factor turns the famous robot boy into a beat-’em-up legend

Video games that adapt licensed properties, especially anime series, can polarize the gaming community. There are often low expectations with these kinds of endeavors, which always makes it exciting when a developer delivers a passionate love letter to the property. Astro Boy: Omega Factor is developed by Treasure and Hitmaker, and it correctly conveys the exaggerated action of At Osamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy in a fast-paced side-scroller beat-’em-up. Omega Factor Looks gorgeous and plays to the developer’s strengths, but it doesn’t overstay its welcome either. It’s a tight experience that doesn’t last much longer than three hours.

1 Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 gives the SNES Classic a portable makeover

There are some great original games that debuted on the Game Boy Advance, but some of the console’s most popular releases come from the Super Mario Advance series, which update and reissue old Super Mario classics. Super Mario Advance 2 translates one of the best video games of all time, Super Mario World, in a portable experience and doesn’t struggle in the least. Certainly, a good completion of Super Mario World is a long feat, but savvy players taking the “Star Road” route can beat the game in an hour or two.

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