10 Best Nintendo Switch Games That Will Make You Cry

Anyone who’s a fan of games with rich storytelling remembers at least one time when a game’s story moved them to tears. Whether it’s the death of a beloved character, a touching reunion, or the protagonist’s story reaching its climax, many games have left their mark on their audiences both in the spots of tears and in the touching memories players will take with them long after the game is over.

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Nintendo Switch gamers looking for deep stories, touching dialogue and heartbreaking scenes are in luck, as there is a wide range of story-rich games to choose from. Whether it’s a game they’ve probably seen on another platform or one that debuted on Switch, gamers are sure to find one they’ll enjoy.


ten Spiritfarer

Describing itself as a “comfortable management simulation on death”, players follow the journey of a young girl named Stella and her cat Daffodil as a new ferry master to the deceased. Players will harvest materials, cook meals, and respond to requests from each new passenger they welcome, getting to know each person and how they were connected to Stella in life. Whether playing alone or in a local co-op game, players will get closer to each unique passenger as they progress through the story, learning about their dreams, loves, and losses, before bringing them eventually to the final catwalk when it’s time to say goodbye.

9 Okami

First released in 2006, Okami has held firm for years for its iconic art style, gameplay, and story following the sun goddess Amaterasu taking the form of a white wolf to save the world from darkness. Starting from a small village in a scenic valley, players will get to know a group of characters who need their help as they progress through their journey, earning the kindness and goodwill of the people around. of them as Amaterasu’s power grows as the light spreads. as well as love and gratitude to a mysterious white wolf spirit.

8 Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

A remastered version of the beloved Pokemon spin-off series Pokemon Mystery Dungeonplayers can experience the classic Pokemon stories once again or for the first time on the Switch. Waking up one day in a strange place, the once-human protagonist discovers that he has been transformed into a Pokémon. Players will form a rescue team, recruit Pokémon, and explore dangerous dungeons to rescue unlucky friends who have been trapped inside. As their rescue team grows, players will progress through a heartfelt story of friendship, loss, and the mysterious reasons for the protagonist’s transformation as they try to solve the mystery of their presence here.

7 what comes next

Offer a slower and sincere experience, what comes next follows a young woman named Vivi who dozes off on her train home and wakes up on a mysterious train carrying spirits to the afterlife. With simple side-scrolling sets, players guide Vivi through the train, talking to newly deceased people, animals, and even plants to hear stories of joy, regret, longing, love, and loss. what comes next brings a tender and loving story to Vivi and her players as a night on a train to the afterlife is a reminder of the importance of loving yourself and treating the time we have left as the resource precious as it is.

6 What Remains of Edith Finch

Known for its captivating storytelling, What Remains of Edith Finch follows a young woman named Edith revisiting the colossal family home she grew up in. Players will solve puzzles and navigate convoluted hallways and staircases as Edith slowly unravels the diverse but tragic stories of her cursed family’s history.

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With each chamber unlocked, players discover the stories of different members of Edith’s family up until the day they died – whether in the distant past or in recent memory. Each story brings the player closer to the spirit of family, bringing home a lonely yet awesome sense of humility at the fleeting essence of life.

5 To the Moon

Players in To the Moon follow two people, Dr. Rosaline and Dr. Watts, in one of their many jobs in a particular industry: altering the memories of clients on their deathbed, so they have the chance to achieve something they would have liked to do in life that they did not have the chance to do before they died. To help their current client, Johnny, achieve his wish to go to the moon, Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosaline must go through Johnny’s life one memory at a time to find out what drives Johnny’s wish to go to the moon. the moon. like why the biggest obstacle in his path seems to be himself.

4 Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

With a unique playstyle that requires players to control two characters at once, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons focuses on the cooperation and closeness of two brothers as they embark on a fantastical quest to save their dying father with a cure from a distant land. Facing unique and diverse creatures, puzzles, and challenging lands, each brother must work together to progress through a land neither could have traversed alone, while relying on each other to cover each other’s weaknesses and highlight their strengths in this heartfelt tale.

3 child of light

child of light starts out strong in visuals, story, and score as players are introduced to a young girl named Aurora after her tragic and untimely death. Aurora wakes up in the vast lands of Lemuria, in a dark forest full of creepy creatures far from anything she has known in life. After discovering that she is meant to be a beacon of light and destined to save the land from darkness, players embark on a quest with Aurora to save her dying father and their kingdom, making friends along the way in a story that explores feelings of loneliness and growing up way too fast.

2 night in the woods

Players who enjoy exploration, rich stories, and character-driven narratives are bound to enjoy Night in the woods. Following a college dropout named Mae, she returned home to her quiet hometown of Possum Springs. What follows is a bittersweet journey filled with nostalgia and grief as the player navigates a city that has changed without the protagonist, a community that has evolved, and friends that have been left behind with whom Mae reconnects in the course of history.

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Players work with Mae and her friends to solve a mystery in the woods and come to terms with the painful feeling of the world growing around you before you’re ready.

1 Celestial

Filled with as many dynamic and unique platforming challenges as it is rich characters, Celestial follows the story of a girl named Madeline on her quest to climb to the top of Mount Celestial: a mountain known for its mysterious powers and near-impossible path to the top. Besides meeting a cast of other climbers and residents, what Madeline doesn’t consider is that the myths around the mountain are more real than she believed, and her journey will deal with much deeper challenges. just mere cliffs in a story exploring the struggles of mental health, self-isolation, and the importance of treating even the nastiest parts of your mind with gentleness and compassion.

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