10 Best Video Games That Were Never Localized

Gambling is a global phenomenon. From big franchises to unique experiences, there’s so much to offer in the game. And there’s not enough time in the world to play all the good games.

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For some reason, some games never received localizations or mainstream exports. They remain trapped in the region of their creation, despite their excellence. Hopefully soon these ten classics will finally hit the world markets.


Terranigma SNES

JRPGs were one of the most daunting challenges for localization teams in the 90s. But nowadays, classics from that era are finally hitting Western markets after a long delay. Radical dreamers and live alive, two classics of the time, are finally released worldwide. So it’s time for the Gaia Illusion series and its gem not imported Terranigma to obtain this courtesy.


Terranigma has an English translation, as it was published in Europe and Australia. But this game about one boy’s quest to recreate the entire Earth never reached the American market. Terranigma is the third game in this series, which otherwise received a worldwide release. Now would be the perfect time to re-release the entire trilogy around the world, as some might feel it needs to be recreated.

Ace Prosecutor Investigations 2

A cast shot from Ace Attorney Investigations 2 shows Edgeworth up front.

the ace lawyer The series was full of memorable characters, but none were more memorable than rival prosecutor Edgeworth. Miles Edgeworth was the opposition in the first game, but returned in the aftermath. His massive redemption arc set him up perfectly for a spin-off. But unfortunately, only the first of the duology came out of Japan.

Ace Prosecutor Investigations 2 and both Big Ace Lawyer the games have long been lamented by fans for never being localized. But it ended when the Big Ace Lawyer the games were localized last year. Investigations 2 is now the only remaining untranslated game.

LSD Dream Emulator

A giant multicolored face floats through the air in LSD: Dream Emulator.

Despite its name, LSD Dream Emulator has nothing to do with drugs. This Playstation game is often called one of the most experimental games ever made. The game is a 3D exploration sandbox that randomly populates its environments, making each session unique. These exploration sessions are called dreams and the player can interact with certain objects within them.

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However, the objectives of the game are extremely obtuse. As if to mimic the psychedelic nature of the dream, the graphics can change often and nothing is ever explained to players, with few elements reoccurring even between rooms. As the player experiences more dreams, they become more bizarre. Although the game has become famous for its extreme uniqueness, it remains a Japanese exclusive.

Valkyria Chronicles 3

A molded image of the various military-minded main characters from Valkyria Chronicles 3.

the Chronicles of Valkyria are strategy RPGs created by SEGA. The game places players in an expertly crafted fantasy world in charge of a platoon of soldiers. The series has been praised for its alternate universe building and aesthetics, which remind players of other SEGA RPGs. Arcadian sky. Unfortunately, the third entry in the series has never been located.

It’s a shame, because there are a ton of fans missing out. The story runs parallel to the plot of the first game and features an excellent new soundtrack. The game also received numerous gameplay changes and downloadable content. Fortunately, the next game in the series has been localized, but III is always a sore point for fans.



policemen is a space fairing visual novel with roots in cyberpunk and sci-fi as a whole. It turns into a weird buddy comedy with a few twists in its narrative revolving around astronauts. It all sounds appealing so far, but the biggest draw of this game is its director. Hideo Kojima was the director of this project, and the author brought his quirky charm.

The game is not without flaws. The game is slower and unfortunately has sexist and transphobic moments. But players are intrigued by the game’s world, which can be read extensively thanks to an in-game encyclopedia. Fans of the game ultimately hope that the game will be officially translated with these problematic elements removed.

monster tale

In Monster Tale, children battle monsters that they bond with.

Generally, when gamers talk about non-localized games, they mean games that never came to the West. Corn monster tale is an opposite case; a great Nintendo DS game that never left America. monster tale is an excellent Metroidvania that should soon return to Nintendo Switch. Hopefully it will come to other regions, unlike the Nintendo DS original.

This game sees protagonist Ellie and her monster pet Chomp adventure through Monster World. She’s not the only kid with a monster companion, as other kids and their tough monsters rule the different levels. So Ellie must feed her monster to make it grow and defeat these child kings. The game has been praised for its great Metroidvania action.

Yakuza Ishin

Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin

the Yakuza The video game series has been a staple in the SEGA console lineup for nearly 20 years now. The series receives almost annual releases with great success in Japan and the West. But it has not always been so; the series was once much more niche in America. This is the reason why several games, including the one on the theme of samurai Yakuza Ishinnever did.

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It was one of two spinoffs, along with a similar game called Yakuza Kenzan released on PS2. But this PS3 title ultimately wins out for its depiction of Sakamoto Ryouma’s life. The game reflows Yakuzaas various historical figures, and places him in a more traditional Japanese setting. It’s such a welcome departure from the series’ more urban plots.

Clock Tower 1

A man attacks a woman with a giant pair of scissors in the Clock Tower

Clock tower is one of the premier franchises in the world of survival horror. The series saw further releases in America, but the SNES original never reached American shores. And it’s a shame, because the original Clock tower is perhaps one of the best survival horror games of the 1990s. Jennifer Simpson finds herself adopted by a wealthy woman who owns a large mansion with a maniac on the loose.

The series is more of a point-and-click game than the action games the genre would become, but plenty of tropes are here. Jennifer must hide from her attacker who can appear at any time. She also has to solve puzzles while being chased. The Scissorman himself may not have the same pizzazz as other pursuers, but the game is an important part of the genre’s history.


Lucas and Claus sitting at the table at the start of Mother 3

MOTHER 3 is the biggest fatality on this list. Fans were hoping for this, the third entry in the Earthbound series, would finally get some sort of recognition or release from Nintendo. This RPG is often considered the best in the franchise and is beloved for its story, gameplay, and soundtrack. It hurts that he never saw a big release.

This game is about a small village that is suddenly uprooted by the arrival of an army with its own plans for consumption and modernization. It’s about the loss of innocence and it’s also weirdly funny.” It’s one of the most mystifying and beautiful games Nintendo has ever made. There’s a great fan translation, but an official release would still be great.

Super Robot Wars Franchise

Super Robot Wars 30 Best Gridman Team

super robot wars had a few games released outside of Japan, like the recent Super Robot Wars 30. Some games even come with full English translations by default. But the series offers dozens of untranslated strategy RPGs and many more that never saw the light of day in the world. And the reason is that super robot wars is one of the biggest crossovers in the world, and licenses are often prohibitively expensive.

Bandai-Namco publishes one of the biggest crossovers in gaming, because listing all the franchises here would be impossible. But it includes classics such as Cowboy Bebop, Mobile Suit Gundam, ULTRAMAN, SSSS Gridman, Code Geass, Gurren Lagann, Mazinger Z, and much more. It’s an all-star cast and, as it turned out, popular enough that several original characters, games, and anime were created based on it. And yet, the backlog of untranslated titles remains the largest of any major franchise in gaming history.

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