10 Best Warhammer Video Games, Ranked

the war hammer The series has expanded over its decades of existence, from its tabletop gaming origins to books and video games. In the realm of video games, the series has had multiple offerings for fans who want to step into the shoes of their favorite factions, be it Space Marines, Dwarves, Elves or any other in the game. war hammer universe. The games span a number of genres, but much like tabletop miniatures, they have a strong focus on turn-based, real-time strategy games. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Demon Hunters is the latest in a long line of war hammer Games.

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The RTS genre is really where the war hammer games are their strongest, with a good number of offerings that have been successful enough to get sequels. But their foray into other genres like hack-and-slash, shooters, and an MMORPG has also found success within the fanbase. With 22 individual entries in the war hammer franchise on all platforms, from PC to portable handhelds like the Nintendo DS, there is a plethora of games for fans to immerse themselves in.

ten Warhammer: Vermintide 2 has epic four-player co-op

Vermintide 2Following Warhammer: Endtimes – Vermintide, continued to build on what was already a very good game. Vermintide continued the legacy of left for dead as players joined forces with three others in online levels against the forces of Chaos and Skaven.

There is a single player mode, but the AI ​​is lacking, so this game definitely excels when players play together. There are different heroes and classes, plenty of weapons and abilities to choose from and upgrade, and the story and levels feel like people who care about War hammer.

9 Engage in strategic warfare in Dawn Of War: Dark Crusade

This autonomous extension to dawn of war the game is one of the best entries in the war hammer universe. The real-time strategy game offers players several new missions added to the main campaign, two new races, and a handful of overall game improvements.

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The story is well-written, the dialogue is well-voiced, and the explosive bloody combat is a lot of fun. Players can go it alone or add some flair by playing cooperatively with friends online. There are times when a franchise can start to feel outdated, even with expansions, but dark crusade breathed new life into Dawn of war.

8 Go mobile with top-down Space Marine action in Deatchwatch – Tyranid Invasion

In this mobile RTS game, players take control of the Deathwatch, an elite team of Space Marines, as they take on the hideous xeno race of the Tyranids in epic battles. Tactical combat takes place inside ships and across war-torn landscapes.

Players can customize their Deathwatch team with over 150 weapons and relics. There’s a big meaty campaign mode, and players can battle it out in an online multiplayer mode as well. It’s a great entry into the franchise for the war hammer moving fan.

7 Total War: Warhammer sets the stage for the future

the total war game series offers players real-time tactical control in its strategy games. It made sense to then adapt the world of war hammer in this form, and Creative Assembly did it with this game. It breathed new life into the total war franchise and gave war hammer fans a new game to dive into and immerse themselves in epic battles between multiple factions.

Total War: Warhammer adapted many gameplay elements from the original series, including city and unit building, army control, and diplomacy with the other factions on the map. Base building and unit management worked as a turn-based element against AI enemies, but when the forces clashed, the battle happened in real time.

6 Total War: Warhammer II builds on the first

After the success of Total War: Warhammer, the sequel arrived a year later in 2017. It built on the success of the first installment by bringing gameplay improvements and adding new factions to play with. These factions featured in the campaign, which had different missions and cutscenes for Lizardmen, High Elves, Dark Elves, and Skaven.

The campaign focused on an epic battle raging between factions as they vie for control of the Great Vortex. Each faction reacts to events differently, giving players a reason to control each for unique experiences. It offered players both single-player and online co-op experiences.

5 Total War: Warhammer III is the epic conclusion

The third part of Total War: Warhammer The series took a few more years to release than the second game, released in February 2022. It still features the fantastic gameplay of previous entries and has a new campaign twice as large as the last in the Realm of Chaos

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Players can take control of multiple factions, including two human factions and five Chaos factions, and engage with them throughout the expansive campaign that serves as the conclusion to the story told across these three games. It also features a custom battle mode where players can create their own real-time, online battles using factions from this episode and the previous game, if they have purchased them.

4 Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning was an MMORPG ahead of its time

The MMORPG set in the war hammer Universe came to PC in 2008 but, after a drop from 800,000 subscribers to 300,000, the servers shut down in 2013. However, the game remains active on a fan-run server called “Return of Reckoning”. The game offered multiple ways to fight, including skirmishes, battlegrounds, scenarios, and campaigns, all of which pitted one faction against another in predefined pairs.

Warhammer online’The factions included the Dwarves against the Greenskins, the High Elves against the Dark Elves, and the Empire against Chaos. Players have created an avatar to control and join the Order or Destruciton faction, but can travel to any of the predefined pairs mentioned above and join those fights. It hasn’t had an update for years, but at its peak, The Age of Judgment was a premier MMORPG.

3 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War II Gave Fans More Space Marine Goodness

Following dawn of war gave players a new campaign to play solo or in online co-op. Players take control of Space Marines in a non-linear interplanetary campaign that reinvents the series from its predecessor.

Instead of basic building elements and units, The dawn of the second warIn the campaign, players chose their units before starting the mission and did not allow them to create any more during the mission itself. This actually sped up the battle gameplay, leading to frantic and fast-paced encounters with the enemy. Along with the campaign mode, there was also the Skirmish battle mode as well as a horde-like mode called Last Stand.

2 Immerse yourself in epic hack-and-slash shooting in Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

In 2009, war hammer fans were treated to an epic campaign after the difficult and glorious Space Marine Titus. This third-person hack-and-slash shooter puts players inside sacred armor and tasks them with battling orcs and the forces of chaos in order to prevent total annihilation.

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The game was heavily inspired by the success of armament of war and some of its elements, including the cover mechanics and the appearance of the game and the mirror seen in Gears. Players can acquire upgraded weapons and relic abilities throughout the campaign, and it features beautifully bloody kills for players to execute against their enemy. The game also featured an online co-op horde mode and a sequel was announced to be in development in December 2021.

1 Dwarves shine in Warhammer: Chaosbane

This hack-and-slash action RPG is set right after the events of The Great War on Chaos and puts players in the shoes of a human, high elf, wood elf, or a dwarf as they take on hordes of enemies in single player or online co-op play. Warhammer: Chaosbane features an intricate combat system that includes over 180 abilities that players can use to create many unique builds.

This combat system allows great replayability thanks to ChaosbaneCampaign Mode, Boss Rush Mode, and many Dungeons that have received regular updates. Players can also take on over 70 different enemies as they take on waves of them across the various tiers, so combat doesn’t get too stale too quickly.

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