10 great PSP games everyone forgot

The PlayStation Portable is a portable console that has offered gamers a plethora of high-quality games and experiences that rivaled the Nintendo DS line of handhelds. In the mid-2000s, handhelds offered a great gaming experience that only got better over generations of consoles.

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By the time the light went out on the PSP more than a decade after its release, the console had gone through four iterations and was home to over 1,000 games. The PSP offers an incredibly diverse collection of games. While some have continued to be experienced across generations of consoles, some games have unfortunately been forgotten.

ten Mega Man Powered Up is a remake of the classic version

mega man is one of the most recognizable characters and IPs in the video game world. With the original game in the series released in 1987, a remake introduced newcomers to the franchise. Mega Man Under Power is a reinvention of classic gaming with modifications to support a few decades of gameplay improvements and the portable design of the PSP.

Players can experience the pioneering game in the series with the inclusion of two new bosses and a visual design change that Capcom wanted for the original but could not achieve on the original material. Even if Mega Man Under Power rivals the original, it was mostly forgotten on the handheld all these years later.

9 Joan of Arc offered a new approach to the turn-based formula

Joan of Arc gameplay on PSP

PlayStation Portable has its fair share of RPGs. It can be argued that the handheld exists only for playing RPGs and JRPGs. However, the one that stands out is the historical fiction based on the life of Joan of Arc. Jeanne D’Arc is a turn-based tactical role-playing game with a unique visual style that unfortunately wasn’t enough to stay relevant.

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Jeanne D’Arc presents a story that places players in the Hundred Years War battling demons. Jeanne has an arsenal of weapons and magic to use in a fighting style reminiscent of Final Fantasy tactics. Jeanne D’Arc is sure to have been overlooked by most portable gamers. If given the opportunity, players must collect it for the first time or return to 15th-century France again.

8 Prinny: Can I really be the hero? is a unique perspective on a secondary character

Prinny, can I really be the hero?  Gameplay

The players of the Disgaea series will be familiar with the main characters of Prinny: Can I really be the hero? For newcomers, the Prinnys are a class of secondary penguin-like characters, and the player has the option of playing as the lovable character from their own adventure. The Disgaea The series has a lot to offer for gamers who love RPGs. However, PSP owners can play this derivative journey that departs from its RPG roots.

Prinny: Can I really be the hero? is a 2D side-scrolling platformer game that asks players to work with other Prinnys to find the six ingredients needed to make Ultra Dessert. This unique adventure is a forgotten gem in the long list of PSP titles.

7 Lumines is one of the best puzzle games in the PSP library

Lumines gameplay on PSP

Puzzle games are commonplace in games, but can be hard to let go once they get hooked on the player. Some consider the original version of Lumines on PSP to be one of the best puzzle games ever, and it’s as addicting as monumental games like Tetris. The owners of the handheld have been honored with a puzzle game that received top honors as the best portable game of 2005. Unfortunately, it has been largely forgotten.

Lumines is a tile matching game in which players spin and match 2×2 multicolored blocks. Similar to a larger playground Tetris with only square blocks and matching colors instead of complementing the rows. In a sea of ​​puzzle games, Lumines stands out as one of the best.

6 A world famous developer bundled with Lord Of Arcana

Lord of Arcana PSP game

Square Enix is known for its role-playing series’ Final fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. However, the developer and publisher also released the Forgotten Handheld Lord of the Arcana. Take after deductibles such as Monster hunter and God Eater, Arcane Lord is a role-playing / hunting game where players hunt down and fight big and small monsters.

The version stands out for the unique inclusion of taking players to circular arenas to fight after starting fights in the overworld. Lord of Arcana is a successful, albeit flawed, experience for handheld owners who arrived later in the console lifecycle.

5 The exit has the players acting quickly to escape danger

Exit PSP gameplay

With the first hardware limitations, developers worked with unique visual styles on the PSP to tell unique stories. Go out has its own unique style and it looks like it came out of a comic book. Go out is a fast-paced action puzzle game from one of the oldest developers in the gaming world. The players in Go out take control of Mr. ESC to find his namesake in various places, such as hospitals and burning buildings.

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Mr. ESC is an escapologist, and in addition to going through fires, earthquakes and other disasters, he must help those who are trapped and carry them to the exit with him. With his red tie fluttering around him, players race to find the exit in a limited time with the nimble Mr. ESC. Go out is a forgotten game that is sure to satisfy the high intensity puzzle bone in any player’s body.

4 Dead Head Fred combines genres to tell a comedic story

Dead Head Fred PSP Tiki Gameplay

Dead Head Fred is described by its designers as a combination of black and horror, which they titled Twisted Black. Fred Neuman is a private investigator who is murdered, loses his mind and must solve his own murder. Dead Head Fred is a comic tale in the vein of Murdered: Soul Suspect. Fred can wear different heads to gain different powers and attacks in his quest to solve his murder.

Dead Head Fred is a treat for gamers who love smart writing and a unique gaming experience. With a standalone history and more than a decade since its release, PSP owners will be thankful they unearthed the forgotten. Dead head Fred.

3 TokoBot is a platform game forgotten on the handheld

TokoBot PSP Cover

The PSP has no shortage of versions from Japanese developers, and TokoBot comes from the venerable Tecmo. A platform game in which the player works with a series of small robots that come together to cross obstacles and explore prehistoric ruins.

Unfortunately, TokoBot has been lost in the wide array of platform games and high target versions on the handheld. Its output was overshadowed by Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Stories of Liberty City. TokoBot, however, has a lot to offer players who remember it there. Due to its addiction to teamwork and puzzle solving, it presents itself as an engaging gaming experience that will always be just as fun.

2 Kingdom of Paradise builds on the RPG plan

Kingdom of Paradise gameplay on PSP

Kingdom of paradise, Where Key to heaven in international markets, is one of the best completely original titles to release on PSP. Being eclipsed by the plethora of RPGs on the handheld could be responsible for this forgotten gem never getting its audiences. Kingdom of paradise takes place in the fictional land of Ohka in feudal China, in which five clans fight for power over the region.

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The portable action RPG offers a huge amount of UMD content. Kingdom of paradise gives players the tools to create their characters and combos however they see fit. It is worth living as much now as it was in 2005.

1 Solve the world in half a minute Hero

Half Minute Hero Gameplay PSP

Half-Minute Hero has the player trying to save the world, and as the name suggests, they have thirty seconds to do so. With enjoyable gameplay, it offers six different game modes, each playing as a different style game. Ranging from role-playing and real-time strategy to simple action game.

The journey is told through the perspective of four playable characters. Half-Minute Hero offers players the experience of a great globetrotting RPG with thirty second quests. In a fun way, each half-minute track ends with credits as if the player has just completed a great trip. Half-Minute Hero is apparently forgotten, but one of the best experiences on the PSP.

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