10 Harsh Realities Of Playing Mario Kart With Friends

In the age of battle royales and first-person shooters, Mario Kart still finds its way into the homes of many. 30 years after its debut on Super Nintendo, the Mario Kart The series has remained a multiplayer staple among gamers. The simplistic driving mechanics, iconic characters, and creative leads in each game bring joy to players however they play.

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Mario Kart provides hours of fun with friends whether online or offline, helping the kart racing series maintain its status as one of the best party video games available. However, anyone who has ever played Mario Kart knows that it’s not all fun and games. The franchise is infamous for testing friendships and while the extent of this is often exaggerated, several harsh realities persist.

ten The only friend who is really good

Mario Kartat its core, is a casual game, allowing gamers of all backgrounds and video game experience to enjoy. Mario Kart also has a hardcore competitive side. In cases where a group of friends has that friend whose Mario Kart skills surpass everyone else’s, the competition can become frustrating for other players.

For many, playing Mario Kart knowing that the first place is almost always locked can make the experience less fun. However, it makes beating said friend in a race extremely satisfying, especially if he gravitates toward powerful karts and character builds.

9 Not knowing which Mario Kart to play

In the 30 years since Super Mario Kartthe Mario Kart series has produced more than ten Mario Kart games on almost all Nintendo consoles and handheld devices, even appearing on phones and in arcades. With so many versions to choose from, everyone has their preference.

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Gamer’s favorite Mario Kart could be the one with their favorite tracks, the game they have the most experience in, or the one they had access to. Some friends may not like some versions. This can create disputes over which Mario Kart to play. While the correct answer is “as much Mario Kart games as time permits”, sometimes the weather only allows one game.

8 Split-screen makes it hard to see what’s going on

Before the dawn of online multiplayer games, gamers only knew about split-screen multiplayer. When playing locally in the same room, there’s only one screen to see the action. To help players see their character at all times, the screen splits into multiple boxes depending on the number of players.

Even though TVs have increased in size and picture quality has improved, it’s hard to discern what’s going on in a designated split-screen box. For a series of video games as chaotic as Mario Kartit’s easy to miss a banana peel or misread the layout of a trail.

seven Screen viewing offers a big advantage

Another harsh reality of split-screen multiplayer is “screen-watching.” Screen staring is the deceptive art of peeking into another player’s split-screen box. This can provide valuable information about where that player is, what item they’re holding, and any obstacles ahead. Most circles of friends consider this cheating and disapprove of it.

A variant of screen viewing that proves to be just as problematic comes from Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart 7, where the second screen of the Nintendo DS and 3DS shows items other characters have. If a player has a blue shell, the first player can slow down, allowing the unsuspecting second place player to pass and be hit by the blue shell.

6 Long distance friends have to face problems online

Not all circles of friends have the luxury of living in the same general area. Some friends live in different states or even different countries. Fortunately, recent Mario Kart the games offer an online mode. With online gambling comes its own problems. Things can get sluggish, resulting in jerky gameplay that’s never fun.

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Other times, someone may get disconnected through no fault of their own, initiating the frustrating process of restarting the matchmaking process. Mario Kart is more fun when his friends are in the room. Playing online with distant friends makes missing them even more than usual.

5 Coordinating a gaming session can be difficult

No matter where your friends are, it can be difficult to coordinate a play session. Everyone’s availability differs, especially as the group of friends gets older. Before long, players can juggle responsibilities ranging from managing household chores and caring for pets to working jobs and raising children.

It’s easy to sympathize with a friend’s life schedule. There are far more important things in life than Mario Kart, after all. Planning outings or group activities can be a complex undertaking and Mario Kart is not always on the agenda when these gatherings take place. However, what ultimately matters is taking advantage of any opportunity to hang out with friends.

4 There is almost always a controller problem

When comes that time when friends gather around the television to Mario Kart, all is not well. The last line of defense that separates a group of friends from the joys of Mario Kart is the controller.

Maybe the group of friends lacks a controller and they need to take turns. Sometimes a controller has a broken button/joystick or often disconnects. Other times the controllers are not loaded. Maybe using different types of controllers creates an inconvenience for some. Whatever the problem, controller issues can cause frustration among a group of friends.

3 Deciding on modes and tracks can lead to disagreements

Mario Kart the games offer various options. The two main modes are a standard race and the battle mode, both of which have been mainstays of the franchise since the beginning. Beyond that, different options include number of strokes, driving speed, and more.

There is also the choice of tracks to choose from. Chances are that this really good friend also likes to choose the difficult Rainbow Road. Many disagreements can ensue before the runners reach the starting line. With Mario Kart 8 Deluxeadding tracks through the Booster Course Pass, the track selection can be overwhelming.

2 AI often gets in the way

Playing Mario Kart with friends, it’s not just the group of friends vying for the top spot. AI characters also compete for the first place trophy. Players can set the difficulty level of the AI, but this will not prevent the AI ​​from interfering in friendly competition.

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It’s one thing to get hit by a friend’s Red Shell; it’s fair play. It’s another thing to get hit by an AI-thrown Red Shell. If that Red Shell makes a difference in a race, it can lead to an unsatisfactory outcome where the winning friend doesn’t feel like they deserved their victory.

1 Getting “Mario Kart’d” will always be a harsh reality

The harsh reality of the game Mario Kart with friends comes from the very nature of Mario Kart. The game functionality many elements that can quickly overturn a race. Between the shock of the Lightning Bolt or the fearsome Blue Shell, Mario Karts the mechanics can get in the way of having a good time.

It’s especially tough when everything that can go wrong happens on the last lap, or even just before the finish line. Players refer to this unfortunate series of events as getting “Mario Kart‘d’, which shows how widespread the problem is. While these rough finishes are annoying, they should never stop players from enjoying time with friends. There’s always the next race.

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