10 must-have third-party Nintendo Switch accessories

While it’s far from the most technologically impressive gaming system on the market, the Nintendo Switch is still going strong as it approaches its sixth year. With people like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Still generating so much excitement in the gaming community, the console has ensured a healthy longevity, but there are still a variety of accessories worth considering for the most streamlined experience in 2023.


Nintendo certainly offers some solid accessories itself, like the much-loved Switch Pro Controller. However, third-party companies also offer some great accessories — from controllers to portable docks and more — that are as good as any first-party device.

HORI Split Pad Pro

One of the most inventive things about the Nintendo Switch is the fact that it’s a hybrid console and handheld, including the fact that the Joy-Cons attached to its sides are s adapt to either form factor. However, it’s also not unreasonable to say that using the Joy-Cons can be uncomfortable for some due to their small size and lack of grip.

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This is where the HORI Split Pad Pro comes in. This inventive device functions as a kind of replacement for existing Joy-Cons – at least in handheld mode – as they provide much larger and more comfortable controllers with new buttons and triggers that are equally ergonomic. These could also be a way around Nintendo’s notorious Joy-Con drift issue.

SanDisk or Samsung MicroSD cards

Whether it’s an accessory for Valve’s Steam Deck or the Nintendo Switch, having at least one full-size microSD card is a must for gamers planning to expand their digital game library. Since Nintendo games have never been at the forefront of the technological spectrum, gamers can at least rest assured that they won’t have any game that takes up 100GB of storage, but all those relatively smaller games add up. definitively.

Luckily, there are a few reputable microSD card manufacturers that will easily boost the storage longevity of the Switch. SanDiskComment and Samsung are perhaps the two most popular choices, and they come in respectable sizes ranging from 126GB all the way up to 1TB – and at affordable prices.

8BitDo Pro 2 Bluetooth Controller

There’s a strong argument to be made that Nintendo makes some of the best modern game controllers with the likes of the Switch Pro Controller, but there are close competitors on the third-party front. So, if gamers want to look for cheaper alternatives to the Pro controller, 8BitDo manufactures some of the most popular controllers in the gaming industry, regardless of the platform chosen.

The 8BitDo Pro 2 Controller is a fan favorite, with a sleek retro design, programmable buttons, and an app that can also configure controller profiles to make this controller even more personalized. It’s even more fitting of a choice given the controller’s heavy Super Nintendo inspiration.

amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

When it comes to many portable electronic devices these days, protection matters. Especially for the screen of the given device, making a screen protector one of the first accessories gamers should invest in for the Nintendo Switch. Given how often they may be brought in and out of the dock, taken on trips, etc., the chances of them falling or being scratched are naturally higher.

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amFilm has proven to be one of the most reliable screen protector manufacturers out there, and they have a 2-pack of tempered glass protectors for the Standard and OLED model Switches. They are extremely affordable and come with the new hinge stickers which make applying screen protectors much more user-friendly.

Marseille mClassic Video Game Upscaler

Some of the best Nintendo Switch games are appealing enough, but that’s thanks to their deft use of lighting and adept art direction rather than the technical might of the console. And while the console and its catalog of games will never reach the graphical fidelity of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X | S, there is a solid device that can at least make Switch games a bit better than they are right now.

It is certainly a niche accessory, but the Marseille mClassic Video Game Upscaler is a good way to upscale the native resolution and detail of Switch games to 1440p or 4K. Getting a 1440p monitor will yield the best results as 4K TVs generally don’t support the older resolution, and gamers will see diminishing returns when trying to upscale Switch content to 4K. But even upscaling to 1080p sees noticeable graphical improvements.

RREAKA multi-port hub

The dock that comes with the Nintendo Switch certainly works well as expected, but it’s also nice to have alternatives. Especially if gamers intend to move the console portable often. There are also more expensive third-party docks that do what the first one does (like standing it up), but the RREAKA multi-port hub is a cheaper, no-frills option that gets the job done.

It’s not particularly fancy, but it does come with a USB-C port, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and an HDMI port. When it comes to making the portable Switch experience as seamless as possible for gaming on the go, this docking station is an affordable and low-profile option.

Orzly carrying case

For added protection, having a carrying case for the Switch is another easy-to-buy accessory. It also makes it more convenient to transport the Switch as a portable setup, as it can help house all physical and other cartridges in one safe space. That being said, buying a simple case shouldn’t be a very expensive accessory if gamers don’t want it.

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This is why the Orzly carrying case is a great budget-friendly choice that allows gamers to carry everything they want comfortably on the go. For under $20, this case has space for the console itself, sleeves for game cartridges, and a larger pocket for all cables and extra Joy-Cons.

PowerA car charger

The Switch is one of the best gaming consoles to have on the go. Its relatively light and slim design makes it extremely user-friendly for such occasions, but it also means that a compatible charger on hand for those longer journeys is a necessity.

PowerA is known for making some of the best budget third-party controllers on the gaming market, but their car charger is another good product offered. The cable is six feet long for excellent flexibility, it can charge the console or Pro controller, and 5V 3A plugs for fast charging compatibility.

Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headset

Headsets are a popular accessory for discrete gaming, and there are a wide variety of them from different manufacturers. As with other gaming accessories, there are higher-end and more expensive options that are viable for gamers willing to splurge a bit more. However, there are also cheaper variants that give sound quality that most should be more than happy with.

Turtle Beach has a long history of manufacturing gaming headsets, and their Recon 70 Helmet is perhaps the best economical option. They come in several stylish color variations, are lightweight, have comfortable cushions for each earbud, sound immersive, and do a great job of canceling outside noise.

HORI Joy-Con racing wheel

It’s more of a specific choice, but given the popularity and dependence of the Mario Kart spin-off series is, having a racing wheel controller grip is more popular than you might think. Mario Kart Wii even comes with its own racing wheel for the Wiimote, and HORI comes once again for a low cost modern version.

It’s a simple yet effective design that’s wide enough to be practical and ergonomic for gameplay. The shoulder triggers are responsive enough and the textured grips on the wheel itself are comfortable for extended sessions, complementing the likes of Mario Kart 8 Deluxegyroscopic controls.

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