10 rare Nintendo games that got more expensive over time

Nintendo has enjoyed the longest longevity of any game company, which means its games can fetch extremely high prices. Some Nintendo Games have been steadily increasing in value for years, with some reaching mind-blowing levels due to their rarity.

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A game can become rare if it was an exclusive competition or released at the end of a generation and therefore had a low circulation. Whatever the reason, the more time passes, the rarer these games become as they end up in the hands of those who have the money to buy them.

ten EVO: In Search of Eden (SNES, 1993)

evo search for eden snes

A kind of precursor of Spore, EVO: in search of Eden is a side-scrolling platform game for the SNES that involves designing and navigating a creature through different eras of Earth’s past. In 2006, pricecharting.com had the game listed at $ 47.38, with its price increasing steadily over the years to reach $ 265 at the time of writing.

And that’s just for the cartridge. There is an ad on eBay selling just the box for $ 700. Complete in the box, the game costs between $ 350 and $ 1,500, depending on condition.

9 Goemon’s Great Adventure (N64, 1999)

Goemons great adventure box n64

Anyone who’s picked up a copy of the side-scrolling platformer Goemon’s great adventure for the N64 in 2006, when a free copy only cost $ 10, they should be very happy they did. The cartridge alone is currently worth $ 127, while the game with its box costs over $ 300. Sealed copies even reach up to $ 1,000.

Located in Japan during the Edo period, Goemon’s great adventure is one of the early supporters of the 2.5D in the platform genre, with Goemon moving horizontally across a 3D landscape.

8 Hagane: The Final Conflict (SNES, 1995)

snes hagane final conflict

Hagane: the final conflict make comparisons with Ninja gaiden when it was released in the mid-90s. Although it was rated fairly well by the publications of the time, it is not as good in terms of quality.

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Its low circulation means gambling is hard to find these days. Complete copies in the box cost $ 675, while a new copy can be purchased for almost $ 1,500.

7 Stadium Events (NES, 1987)

nes stadium events

Decades before Ring shaped adventure, there was Stadium events, a sports / fitness game where players used a Family fun mat to control the characters on the screen. Players would run in place, participating in various track events.

Stadium events is an incredibly rare game that sells for $ 436 in bulk. A sealed copy sold for $ 31,500 in 2015, while full in-box copies sell for an average of around $ 1,000.

6 Donkey Kong Country Contest (SNES, 1994)

donkey kong country competition snes

With only 2,500 copies, Donkey Kong Country Contest because SNES is so rare that it doesn’t appear at auction very often. According to pricecharting.com, there were only 6 full-box sales between 2013 and 2021, with the most recent in 2020 when the game sold for $ 5,520.

Donkey Kong Country Contest was part of the Nintendo Powerfest ’94 competition. There were a few small tweaks to the game compared to the original, like the inclusion of a timer. The only difference to the box illustration is the wording “Competition Cartridge” in the upper right corner.

5 Snowboard Kids 2 (N64, 1999)

While the American release of Snowboard Children 2 going for around $ 100, the Australian PAL version has steadily increased in value over the years and can now fetch up to $ 2,650. This exit is extremely rare because it is the only verifiable exit window, without any evidence that European stores have sold it.

Snowboard Children 2 was developed by Racjin and published by Atlus. The game involves snowboarding in various environments, performing tricks and using power-ups.

4 Spud’s Adventure (Game Boy, 1991)

potato adventure game boy

Spud’s Adventure is a weird and unpretentious RPG adventure game about a potato that can shoot projectiles that look like it. The value of the game gradually increased from $ 32 in 2008, to $ 400 in 2021 for the cartridge alone.

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A boxed copy will set you back close to $ 2,200, while a sealed copy sold in 2015 for $ 3,500, making it one of the more expensive games on the original Game Boy.

3 Panic Restaurant (NES, 1992)

panic restaurant nes

Posted by Taito, Panic restaurant came out when the SNES was already a year old in the US, which is why it’s so rare. As is typical of last generation games, it is known as one of the nicest games in the NES.

With gamers focused on the all-new SNES, few copies of Panic restaurant have been done. The US and European versions are expensive, with the sealed PAL version currently priced at $ 935.

2 Bonk’s Adventure (NES, 1994)

bonk nes adventure

In 2007, a free copy of Bonk’s Adventure for the NES would cost you $ 100. In 2021, its price is just under $ 800. A port of a Turbo Grafx-16 game, it came out a bit too late in the generation, meaning it had a low circulation and has become incredibly rare.

Full Bonk’s adventure set sold for $ 2,500 in April 2021, while the last sale of a sealed copy was for $ 2,799 in 2016.

1 ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cup (N64, 1998)

Clay fight sculptors cut nintendo 64 front cover

An update of the special edition of ClayFighter 63?? was released exclusively for rental from Blockbuster Video. While it was only supposed to be rented, Blockbuster ran a contest that saw people win a copy of the game.

The value of a ClayFighter: Sculptor’s Cup cartridge went from $ 37 in 2007 to $ 933 in 2021, while boxed copies sold for $ 14,500 and $ 10,000 in 2020 and 2021.

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