10 SNES games that have stood the test of time

The first half of the 90s was dominated by Nintendo’s revolutionary 16-bit console, the Super Nintendo.

Great progress has been made in video game industry in recent decades, but the 1990s were a much simpler time for the market. The first half of the 90s was dominated by Nintendo’s breakthrough 16-bit console, the Super Nintendo, which remains a coveted console both in terms of nostalgia and true innovation in many different franchises and genres of video games.

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There is no shortage of retro video games that no longer hold when subjected to modern scrutiny, but the Super Nintendo has some extremely tough versions. There are some great SNES versions that are always extremely satisfying and can easily compete with any new version.

ten Mega Man X is the pinnacle of the Action-Platformer genre


The core mega man The series has an incredible influence on the video game industry and continues to attract audiences, both through goes back to the roots of the series or to the inventive spin-offs about the characters in the franchise. The Mega man x the games don’t stray too far from the original series and they just add more action and mayhem to the mix. The three Mega man x Super Nintendo games are all exceptional, but the former is a fantastic start for this version of a classic character. Mega man x is just endlessly fun to play.

9 Earthbound is a unique version of the standard JRPGs

Ness visiting Twoson market

The Mother trilogy is home to some of the most unique and modern RPGs of all time. While it’s truly tragic that the series struggled to give itself a chance outside of Japan, Super Nintendo at least took a chance on Attached to the earth. Tied to the earth features a lot of traditional RPG mechanics, but its use of urban settings and modern tools and weapons gives the game such life and personality. Terrestrial the gameplay is refined, but it presents an extremely ambitious story for the time and which still hits hard now.

8 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest is the culmination of an incredible series

SNES Donkey Kong Country 2 Diddys Kong Quest Necky Boss

Rare is currently owned by Microsoft, but prior to this acquisition they were one of the Nintendo’s most trusted developers. There are many rare contributions for the Nintendo 64, but their magnum opus for the Super Nintendo is the Donkey Kong Country platform game trilogy.

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Not only do these games seriously push the graphical limits of the Super Nintendo, but they’re full of challenging level designs and a host of secrets that encourage repeat play. Donkey Kong Country 3 bites a little more than he can chew, but Donkey Kong Country 2 achieves the perfect balance of content.

7 Super Mario World is still one of the most satisfying games of all time

Nintendo has been able to push Mario to some truly awesome and unexpected places, with most of the games in the series helping the platform genre evolve in inspired ways. There is nothing wrong with the NES Super Mario games, but there’s just such a radical leap forward with the Super Nintendo Super Mario World. Norld is the proper first look at what modern Super Mario the games are alike and the platform and level design is so exceptional that it is always so much fun to work on it. The rest of the game, Yoshi Island, is just as strong and also very satisfactory by modern standards.

6 Chrono Trigger pushes the limits and offers infinite freedom

Chrono Trigger SNES

The Super Nintendo is a gold mine for JRPG titles, in large part thanks to Nintendo’s relationship with Square. Square Final fantasy games are still celebrated and keep getting bigger and bolder, but there’s a strong argument that their best job for the Super Nintendo might actually be The trigger of a stopwatch. The time travel RPG adventure is ambitious even now with its sprawling cast of optional characters and the wealth of unique endings that can be experienced depending on the player’s specific actions. the trigger of a stopwatch is a fun RPG with a deep story that is able to really immerse the player in their world.

5 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past links his greatest adventure

Nintendo fans expect a new and revolutionary The Legend of Zelda coming entry on each of their new consoles and the series still reflects constant innovation.

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The first two Zelda games are important, but feel more like products of their time. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the Super Nintendo feels like the first real Zelda classic and when the series finally achieved its ambition. A link to the past is a challenging game that looks gorgeous and helps establish a new archetype for the medium.

4 Final Fantasy III excels with opera storytelling and a deranged villain

SNES Final Fantasy VI Air Ship Crew

Final fantasy the labeling is getting a bit wacky for Super Nintendo releases outside of Japan. Final Fantasy III, which is in fact Final Fantasy VI, is the last Super Nintendo entry before it was officially released switch to Sony PlayStation with Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VI is extremely epic in nature and isn’t afraid to push his story to apocalyptic places and allow his eccentric villain, Kefka, a surprising amount of power and success. All Super Nintendo Final fantasy games have a lot to offer, but Final Fantasy III / VI rightly looks like the end of an era.

3 Super Castlevania IV is gothic action-adventure series at its finest

Entrance to SNES Super Castlevania IV Castle

Super Castlevania IV is the first Castlevania entry for the SNES and functions as a kind of reboot that returns to the events of the original game with Simon once again locked in combat with Dracula – albeit with new environments, threats, and environments. Super Castlevania IV is often referred to as one of the the best titles in the series and it’s still a great insight into why Castlevania has achieved such success. At the very least, the game’s soundtrack is home to some of the best Super Nintendo music.

2 Super Mario RPG is a triumph for Mario and Square

There are crossovers between weird characters and genres that look like they have to be complete failures, but they open up unprecedented opportunities for a franchise or mascot. Audiences were used to Mario as a platform icon, but Super Mario RPG put him and his friends in a Final fantasy RPG style courtesy of Square. SMPRG is a great mix of sensibilities that is always referenced as a Super Mario game and one of the most powerful RPGs in the SNES. Other Mario RPG games have been experienced, but none have been as satisfying as Super Mario RPG.

1 Super Metroid is an atmospheric, fat-free gem

Super Metroid is a triumph at all levels. SM is a exceptional extension to the story of Samus Aran that’s packed with creative level designs, entertaining power-ups, and intimidating boss fights, but there’s just no excess in this classic. All in Super Metroid talks about what Super Nintendo can accomplish with its graphics and music. Just the moody opening theme for Super Metroid is evocative of the frightening and stimulating story it creates. Even those who have never played Metroid the game will appreciate Super Metroid structure.

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