10 Super Nintendo RPGs That Defined The Genre

Vgames of ideas can tell incredible stories and it’s amazing how much the medium has evolved in a reasonably short period of time. The latest video games continue to amaze audiences, but much of what is now fundamental to the medium wouldn’t be possible without the games on older consoles, such as the Super Nintendoestablished.

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Gamers have a healthy reverence for Nintendo’s formative 16-bit console and it’s the home for some of Nintendo’s most acclaimed games, especially games in the RPG genre. The Super Nintendo was an important console for RPG releases and these retro titles defined the many eclectic sensibilities of the popular genre.

ten Chrono Trigger travels through time and space with a massive cast of memorable characters


the trigger of a stopwatch is considered not only as one of the best RPGs of the 90s, but also a high mark for the Super Nintendo in general. A nuanced narrative spans a diverse cast of rambling characters who travel through thousands of years as they fight for peace. Chrono Trigger’s A meticulous presentation will leave audiences stunned throughout their initial playthrough, but the groundbreaking RPG only improves when its 12 unique endings are experienced. There is more than enough content present in the trigger of a stopwatch that it could be the only Super Nintendo game the player owns and always keeps them completely occupied.

9 Earthbound is unique in its modern take on the RPG Staples

Terrestrial SNES

There was an abundance of RPGs during the Super Nintendo era. Most are drawn from the fantasy genre and feature comparable scenarios where ancient empires battle dark forces. the Mother is such a breath of fresh air as these are RPGs set in modern urban settings where baseball bats and yo-yos are the weapons of choice instead of swords and maces. The second entry in the series, Earthbound, is an anomaly from the rest of the SNES content. The introspective journey that Ness and her friends go through is surprisingly moving and highlights how RPGs need to make their audience feel something for the characters in addition to providing satisfying gameplay.

8 Super Mario RPG pushes classic Nintendo characters into turn-based mayhem

Video games Super Mario RPG Attacks Geno

Super Mario remains one of Nintendo’s most popular gaming mascots, but his industry supremacy was even higher during the Super Nintendo era of the 1990s. The majority of Super Mario Games set installments for their respective consoles, but Super Mario RPG felt particularly revolutionary at the time.

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Nintendo and Square’s team effort plays to both of their strengths and this turn-based RPG overhaul of the Mushroom Kingdom is a triumph. It offers the tight gameplay of Final Fantasy games while helping to experience Mario outside of a platforming context, marking a crucial turning point for the franchise.

seven Final Fantasy VI Goes Bankrupt With The SNES’ Biggest Entry In The Franchise

Final Fantasy is still considered one of the most important RPG series, but its influence was even greater during the Super Nintendo era. Final Fantasy 4 and Final Fantasy VI are both iconic triumphs, but the latter benefits from being the last Final Fantasy on the Super Nintendo, and therefore most advanced and ambitious for the platform. The game’s steampunk world is a welcome change of pace, and the story is arguably the best in the franchise, especially when it comes to the development of its main antagonist, Kefka. It’s a testament to what could be achieved in RPG storytelling on the Super Nintendo.

6 Harvest Moon offers a more relaxing RPG experience

Fishing Harvest Moon SNES Games

When gamers think of RPGs, they usually envision fantasy worlds and turn-based battles against demonic tyrants. This style of RPG dominates the genre, but farming simulations provide a rich contrast in role-playing games and they have only gained prominence in modern games. The success of these games would be impossible without harvest moona series that was featured on many Nintendo consoles, but the Super Nintendo version nailed the formula. Stardew Valley and animal crossing would not exist today without the pioneering work of harvest moon.

5 Ogre Battle: The March Of The Black Queen is a pivotal tactical-RPG title

Games Ogre Battle March of the Dark Queen SNES Battle

the Ogre Battle the tactical RPG series has struggled to make a name for himself outside of Japan, but each entry in the series offers an incredibly dense story and rewarding gameplay that emphasizes the fundamentals of the game.

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the Ogre Battle The series was one of the most hardcore RPG experiences for more experienced players and it combines fantasy and military aesthetics in creative ways. The Super Nintendos Ogre Battle: March of the Black Queen is an essential title for the 16-bit console that helped Nintendo embrace more tactical and strategic RPGs.

4 Secret Of Evermore Looks To A Unique World To Enhance Its Emotional Story

The greatest RPGs of the 1990s were Japanese productions located overseas. The growing popularity of RPG on Super Nintendo in North America led Square to allow American developers to produce their own content, with the result being the iconoclastic secret of eternity. secret of eternity is set in a dark sci-fi dystopia that feels closer to the future than some nebulous fantasy worlds of the past. secret of eternity stands out for its creative alchemy system and the way its cast of characters is limited to its brave protagonist and dog.

3 Illusion Of Gaia Mixes RPG Formula For Big Results

Games Illusion Of Gaia SNES Coronation

Gaia Illusion keep standing out among peers Super Nintendo RPG due to its incorporation of roguelike mechanics versus the more conventional leveling approach that dominated 90s RPGs. transform every part of Gaia Illusion in radically different experiences. Gaia Illusion is not afraid to deviate from the norm, whether in terms of gameplay, graphics and places visited by players during this epic adventure.

2 Dragon Quest V Advances The Franchise With Crucial New Components

Dragon Quest V Mildrath Boss

the dragon quest The RPG series is still at the top of the genre. There are key points dragon quest entries that were released on the Super Nintendo, but the influence of Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Celestial Brideis still being felt today. Dragon Quest V is important because of its eclectic environments which cover everything from the inside of a volcano to an ice palace, but it’s also the first entry in the RPG series where random monsters can join the hero’s party. Moreover, it is the first video game featuring a playable pregnancy, an innovation not to be overlooked.

1 Secret Of Mana pushes fast-paced combat into a wonderful world

Games Secret Of Mana SNES Bird

Mana Secret is an acclaimed 1990s RPG that recently received a modern fantasy remakebut the original Super Nintendo holds up remarkably well and is just as satisfying to play today. Mana Secret adheres to a stereotypical fantasy RPG storyline that is all about magical warfare, but the precise and addictive gameplay is where the title really stands out. The faster-paced nature of the action-RPG title helped introduce new players to the genre and create a more mainstream experience. Add to that lush visual aesthetics and fantastic music and Mana Secret is an RPG that delivers on all levels.

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