10 Worst Disney Video Games, Ranked

Disney has produced a long list of amazing games that people have loved for decades. Kingdom Hearts alone will maintain Disney’s relevance in the video game industry for years to come. But game development is difficult and often tricky.

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Some games released under the Disney banner fell short of what fans expected of them at the time. This was for a variety of reasons, including the difficulty and time it takes to develop games, but generally these were games rushed to meet specific deadlines or tied to movies. Either way, fans should try to avoid games like these at all costs.

ten Kinect: Disneyland Adventures is intended for players to explore Disneyland

Scene from Disneyland Adventures for Kinect

In 2011, Frontier Developments decided to give Disney fans a virtual taste of the Disneyland experience. In Disneyland Adventures, players could experience some of the Disneyland rides, but filtered through mini-games. They might still encounter some of the Disney characters, including classics like Mickey and Donald Duck.

While the experience was generally fun, it was marred by poor controls that made gameplay difficult. The game was later remastered for Xbox One, but this release didn’t improve the experience much.

9 Mickey Mousecapade combines Mickey and Minnie in an unforgettable experience

Disney's Mickey Mousecapade video game.

mickey mousecapade launched in 1988 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game focused on Mickey Mouse working to save Alice from Alice in Wonderland, which sounds like a great premise.

Mickey’s trusty partner, Minnie Mouse, works alongside him as they encounter a host of Disney villains. For most people, this game is so old that they will never play it. But they’re not missing much. Although Minnie follows Mickey around, the AI ​​is bad and if she dies, Mickey will also die. In other words, it is entirely possible to die without doing anything wrong.

8 Disney’s Tarzan: Untamed is set after the movie but doesn’t do anything fun with the characters

Disney's Tarzan Untamed video game.

A Disney game Tarzan should have been an easy slam dunk. He’s a guy swinging through the forest and hanging out with gorillas while flexing his muscles. How hard is it to get it right? But Ubisoft Montreal Tarzan: Untamed for the Game Cube was a bit messy.

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The story involves Tarzan battling a British explorer named Oswald, who wants to use Tarzan as a side act. So what’s the problem ? Well, the game is frankly trying to do too much. There’s waterskiing, surfing, and liana, but it never makes any of them high. Combine that with spikes in difficulty and it’s easy to put this game aside and never look back.

7 Disney Sports Skateboarding Introduces Disney Characters to Extreme Sports

Disney Sports Skateboard Scene

In 2002, Konami released Disney Sports Skateboard for Game Cube and Game Boy Advance. Skateboarding was all the rage and Disney wanted to stay relevant, so it made sense on the face of it. But the game wasn’t really good. They tried to make Mickey Mouse and Goofy look “extreme”, but they forgot to do anything else to make a real game.

The controls are bad, the graphics are terrible, and it’s just not very fun to play. The nerf involved in creating this title is staggering, and it’s also been terrifically overhauled, with IGN giving it a 3/10 and the game receiving a 42 on Metacritic. There are far better places for people to get their extreme sports fix.

6 A bug’s life is a frustrating and exhausting cash flow

Scene from A Bug's Life for the N64

In 1998, a bunch of different versions of The life of an insect hitting game store shelves. The game is a platform game where Flik goes from level to level, battling against boss characters. Although some versions of this game are worse, none of them are good.

This title had three different developers who put it on several different systems, which makes it seem like it didn’t have a unified vision. That said, what people attack the most is that it’s just a cheap cash-in for kids who want to enjoy a game with their new favorite character in mind. The controls are sluggish and even the process of targeting enemies can often feel sluggish and awkward.

5 Wreck-It Ralph is an ugly game that doesn’t take advantage of its IP address

Scene from the video game Wreck-It Ralph

Considering the movie was a movie about video games, a real game about Ralph’s Wrecks is the obvious next step. So many areas and stages of the film deserve to be explored. So they finally released a platformer for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DS…and it was absolutely terrible.

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You’d think a game set in the same universe as the movie that was meant to be a follow-up would be taken seriously by everyone involved. But the game made plenty of mistakes, starting with being a horribly ugly game that didn’t fit the movie’s story at all. And of course, despite all the interesting worlds explored by the film, the game makes them all identical in terms of level design.

4 Fantasia wastes amazing source material with low level design and bad music

Fantasia video game scene

There’s no way a play on one of Disney’s most legendary movies could be bad. And even. At a time when platformers were almost the only type of game anyone made, Disney managed to pull off a truly awful one.

The object of the game is to go through different levels to find musical scores and return them to the composers. Players can go through the stages and find all the notes to play music, but it feels like no one cares about the music because everything sounds legitimately bad. Somehow they managed to ruin the music for a movie that is literally on the music. In a way, it’s for the best, since Disney recalled the game and destroyed most of the copies because Fancy was never meant to be fired.

3 Bolt: the video game has a weak story

Bolt video game scene

Surprisingly, Disney never did much with the Lock franchise after the release of the first film. Not even a cool TV series like the Disney Afternoon shows. It featured a dog who believed he had superpowers because he was playing a character on a TV show. Luckily, when Avalanche Software made the game, they placed it in the fictional TV series. This granted all of Bolt’s superpowers, including his patented “Superbark” and laser vision.

That said, the player can also control Bolt’s owner, Penny, to change up the gameplay a bit, as she sneaks around taking down enemies on a quest to find Penny’s father. The concept is good, but the story is almost non-existent. Those looking for a challenge should look elsewhere, as the game will constantly offer guides on what to do and the combat gets repetitive in the early game. It’s a short game but players will get tired of it long before they finish it.

2 Hannah Montana: the film poorly balances the lives of Miley and Hannah

Hanna Montana The Movie Game Promotional Photo

Hannah Montana was one of Disney’s biggest stars of the 2000s, so it made sense to eventually make a game based on the series. Ideally, it would be a simple game that could balance Miley Stewart’s life as a normal person with Hannah Montana’s life as a superstar pop artist.

However, the game doesn’t reflect enough on Miley’s time as an ordinary kid. Although players end up playing the role of Hannah Montana and performing at concerts, it’s not engaging. It could even have been better if there was Rock band elements where players could just sing the songs themselves instead of making it a tedious mini-game. It’s a short game, but the time people spend on it isn’t really worth it.

1 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two Was So Bad It Sank the Epic Mickey Franchise

The original Disney epic mickey is one of the best Disney games, referencing tons of classic Disney characters that weren’t really used anymore. The new one adds the co-op option by allowing another player to play as Oswald. Mickey and Oswald are drawn into another adventure in an effort to save the Wasteland once again. The real problem with Epic Mickey 2 isn’t that a bad game.

Much of what players loved about the first game is back for this one. But the developers did not improve anything epic mickey done poorly, and what they added made the experience worse. The game adds bad voice acting and tedious puzzles and doesn’t actually fix the camera issues that plagued the original game. And that’s the real problem. The lack of innovation has sunk a potentially great franchise for Mickey Mouse, a character still striving for the relevance he deserves.

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