15 best Nintendo franchises ranked


For more than two decades, Mario party delighted families (and driven them crazy) with its wild hijinks, creative mini-games, and whimsical board designs associated with the Mushroom Kingdom and its colorful inhabitants. Some entries are obviously more memorable than others (Mario party 2 is the franchise’s questionable highlight), but all have the same goal: to encourage face-to-face multiplayer play with the people you care about.

14. F-Zero

Before being known as a Super Smash Bros. Unmissable, Captain Falcon and his iconic pilot Blue Falcon have run a franchise that many racing fans still call one of the most intense of all time. The franchise combines solid gameplay with groundbreaking characterization and world-building in a genre that isn’t generally known for either of these qualities.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to talk about it F-Zero without possibly addressing the fact that this is a mostly vanished relic of Nintendo’s past. There still hasn’t been a mainstream series release since the critically acclaimed film. F-Zero GX for the Gamecube in 2003, but the fire fans have for this series’ unique futuristic environments, blazing speed and racing stories is still burning in 2021.

Nintendo WarioWare franchises

13. WarioWare

Humor is sorely lacking in the game at times, especially in an age when so many violent, cinematic franchises are capturing the attention of the masses. Thankfully, Wario has always had enough of the fart jokes, sarcastic comments, and rude mates to make up for the lack of humor in the gaming market. Sure, WarioWare is much more than a few laughs and the five-second microgames that make up the series’ core gameplay.

The franchise has been a pioneer in creative character creation, multiplayer functionality and innovative game design since 2003. Until the Wii U, audiences would expect Wario, Jimmy T, Mona and Dr. Crygor present the technological potential of a new Nintendo. console. We’ll all be treated like this madness again when WarioWare: unite! will launch on September 10 for the Switch.

Star Fox Nintendo franchise

12. Star fox

It’s hard to imitate the sci-fi / fantasy mix of Star wars with anthropomorphic animals and it doesn’t all look cheesy, but Shigeru Miyamoto got it right when he created the Star fox franchise in the early ’90s. Fox McCloud and his motley cohort of pilots introduced rail shooting to the Nintendo universe, and the gameplay of the first two (officially released) titles in this series has been hard to beat over the decades. that followed.

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