3 ways to donate money for Christmas, but which one is the best

It’s giveaway season and many of us will be giving money in one form or another. So which is the best path or are they all the same?


In my opinion, there are three ways to give someone money as a gift while on vacation and yes I skip Venmo, PayPal, or any other form of e-money gift. I am talking about tangible money like in a gift card, a check or good old cash.

I haven’t found any statistics online that indicate whether people prefer cash to checks or gift cards. I have found information compiled by Fortunly.com that details what people buy and how much they spend on Christmas presents.

Last year, holiday retail sales surpassed the trillion dollar mark (yes, 12 zeros), with US households spending an average of $ 1,536 during the season. To better understand how much Americans spend and why, we’ve compiled a list of over 20 important Christmas spending statistics. ” (via Fortunly.com)

But what about just giving people the option to buy their own freebie? I realize that it may sound like you haven’t planned or thought through the giveaway, but the reality is that people who donate money on Christmas and other holidays have probably thought too much about your gift. That being said, if you are planning on giving the money, what form should it be in check card or cash?

Benefits of giving money via a gift card

Offering a gift card allows you to select a theme. You can just buy a Visa gift card or you can get much more adventurous and donate your vacation money in the form of many gift cards to various businesses in the Hudson Valley that sell gift cards. Make it a Hudson Valley-themed Christmas with cards for local gift shops and restaurants.

Benefits of giving money by personal check

Checks are the way to go if your cash gift is for someone out of town who you might not see while on vacation. Sending a check might be old school, but getting a card in the mail with a check is a nice surprise. Also, if you are donating money but the gift must be mailed, a check is the safest form to send. Christmas gift cards and money are too easy to steal.

Benefits of giving money in cash

So there is only cash left. I have received a lot of cash gifts over the years. The best way to donate money is to go to the bank and get the crispy new bills. The best reason to donate money is the excitement of seeing real money. The instant gratuity counter is extremely high for this form of money donation.

What will it be money or one of these gifts instead?

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