Barry Glitch from Pokémon BDSP is a real problem

Players discover new issues in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl almost daily. A new change Barry’s team without a clear cause.

Another bug was found in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon, this time involving the player’s rival, Barry. Shiny diamond and shiny pearl are Nintendo Switch remakes of the classic Nintendo DS Pokemon Games, Diamond and Pearl, and were developed with an emphasis on keeping games as close as possible to their original counterparts. Despite this, new features have led to some unexpected exploits and glitches in games.

Some feats are pretty harmless, like taking advantage of Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon new diagonal movement to skip some Gym puzzles. Other exploits and issues caused players to get stuck BDSP NPCs, or become locked down smoothly. While many of these seem preventable with careful play, there are some that seemingly occur at random.


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One of these random issues was discovered involving rival character Barry. Reddit user nile water have approached their rival for the second battle together, which takes place in Hearthome City. The player’s starting Pokémon, Piplup, had become Prinplup by this point. Barry, who should have evolved a Grotle from Turtwig for this fight, instead sent his own Prinplup. Barry is one of Pokemon rivals in the series whose starting Pokémon has a type advantage over the player’s, meaning they should have kept a member of the Turtwig evolutionary lineage on their team against a player who started with Piplup. This bug removes Pokemon the consistency of his rival Barry’s team in Shiny diamond and shiny pearl and has no clear way to be avoided.

The Grand Underground could cause the Barry Glitch of the BDSP

Fortunately, the issue seems very rare so far, but other Reddit users have claimed to have experienced the same as Nilewater. Because no one has provided an update on the situation, it’s unclear if the issue continues after the second battle with Barry. It is not known what is causing the problem, although it has been speculated that it has to do with the Grand Underground. It is possible that parts of players ‘save data could be “traded” in the Grand Underground, which could have changed the way these players’ copies were made. Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon determined which Pokémon team to give Barry.

These data “exchanging” in Pokemon BDSP Grand Underground has also been cited as the potential cause for the random change in Pokémon nicknames during evolution. While this Barry issue may trip some players during their game by throwing a wrench into their battle strategies, the nickname for a Pokemon that temporarily changes while evolving is ultimately harmless. Nonetheless, it is of concern that players may experience issues in Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl Pokémon just by trying to take advantage of all the fun new features that games bring to the table.

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