Buying Nintendo Switch Cables: Features and Requirements

The Nintendo Switch is a console that works as a desktop or portable console, but in both cases it must have been plugged in at some point, that it has enough battery power to operate for a few hours. Yes, it is made with a cable or power adapter that we have to use, maintain or replace.

What cables do we need?

The Nintendo Switch works as a standalone, portable console or by connecting it from the dock to the TV. In this case, we can use three cable ports. An HDMI cable, a USB cable and an AC/ADAPTER cable. The steps to connect it are simple: we plug the USB connector of the Nintendo Switch power adapter into the power adapter port and plug the other end of the power adapter into the socket. Ultimately, connect the TV’s HDMI to the HDMI OUT port as in the picture. We close the back cover and it is ready to start working on the TV or monitor.

That is, there are three cables used to operate the console: an adapter, the USB cable, and the HDMI cable. In the HDMI cable there is no specification from Nintendo (it works with an HDMI 1.4 that we will find in any specialized store) but things change with USB or so they explain on the part of the business, as we will see in the following sections. What other cable can we need? We may also want to connect the console with an ethernet cable and we need a LAN adapter at the base of this that we will connect by USB and that later we will connect with an Ethernet cable to the router or gateway.

By default, the HDMI cable and the AC adapter come in the console, so we won’t need to buy anything else, but we may want a replacement cable because we lost or broke it. In this case, there are some aspects that we must pay attention to.

Official recommendations and what to look for

On the official Nintendo Switch website in Japan, in a section of frequently asked questions, the Japanese company has now included a series of points. For example, that the cables used for your newer game console should be 56kΩ. Although it may seem that all USB Type C cables are the same, they actually have very different characteristics in terms of maximum amperage and resistance, for example.

Nintendo explains that for you must use usb type c cables for nintendo switch comply with this technical specification. Nintendo’s recommendation is the use official HAC 010 cable. However, on other occasions it has been declared, also officially, that compatible cables that meet the required technical specifications can be used as long as they are certified or have been approved.

What if they don’t have these features? It may be damaged or the console may not load properly.I am not using an approved cable. Uncertified cables or looking for cheaper and “fake” accessories can prevent you from meeting the technical requirements and end up damaging the console.

Recommended cables and accessories

What cables can you buy? We can find some models that have an official Nintendo Switch license and are available on Amazon.

Network adapter

If you want a LAN adapter to connect your console with an Ethernet cable, you will need to purchase the accessory as it is not included. But you can buy it on Amazon for less than thirty euros from the Hori brand and with official Nintendo Switch certification. An Ethernet to USB 2.0 network adapter for the console and which has plug & play technology so we will not need to install anything, just connect it.

The internet connection cable is not included, so we will have to buy it independently or use any other we have at home.

Yes, we can purchase a bundle sold and shipped by Amazon that includes the Hori Certified LAN Adapter for Nintendo Switch and an Amazon Basics Cat 6 network cable this allows us up to 1000 Mbit/s and with a length of one and a half meters so that we can connect it from the TV or console to the port of the router or the wall. A pack already ready without the need for installation.

Cables for Nintendo Switch

USB game support

It is not a cable as such but a support which allows us to hold the Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch lite if we want to be able to play by connecting two controllers via USB. It is a support with two USB ports where we can place our controllers with a USB-C output to load the console while we use it.

Cables for Nintendo SwitchWe have the dual USB port version although Hori also has another USB multiport that allows us to connect up to four devices or controllers simultaneously to play with friends in any situation.

official power adapter

The Nintendo Switch power adapter is available on Amazon to purchase individually or buy it with a 15 euro card in the eShop or with an included Switch Online subscription. In the case of buying the cable with the 15 euro card, it will have a price of 39.99 euros in total compared to the usual 30 euros that the mains adapter costs us individually.

Cables for Nintendo Switch

It is the official adapter that comes with the console but that allows us to replace it if we have lost it, if it is broken we can implement it if we have gone on a trip and have it in a other city and we need this. It has a USB-C connection and an integrated USB cable to recharge the battery of the game console anywhere.

car charger

If we want to charge it from the car, there are cables that have USB-C at one end and at the other end we can connect it to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Many cars today already have a USB port for charging which would allow us to use any other usual cable, but otherwise we have this option. Invoice officially licensed nintendo and allows the console to be charged in the car.

Cables for Nintendo Switch

It is priced around 30 euros on Amazon and has a USB C connection and promises overheating and overvoltage protection. It’s an option, although a better idea would be bet on a USB cable with a power bank.

USB cable

With nintendo switch official license we can also buy PDP cable. A 2.4 meter USB Type C cable that has charge and sync compatibility and has a price of around 10 euros if we want plug the console into the dock as if we want to connect it to the current when we are going to use it portable and need to recharge the battery.

Cables for Nintendo Switch

It’s affordable, cheap and has a red and black braided design with a cable tie.

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