Chaos;Head Noah shares brief pre-order trailer for Nintendo Switch in Japan

Developer Mages’ official Youtube channel has shared a brief teaser trailer of approximately 40 seconds for the upcoming Nintendo Switch Japanese release. Chaos;Head Noah & Chaos;Child Double Packexplaining the principle of chaos; chief noah. All you really need to know is the phrase “Whose eyes are those?”

You can see the latest pre-order trailer for Chaos;Head Noah & Chaos;Child Double Pack below:

Chaos: Chief Noah can be considered the director’s cut version of the original Chaos;Head which was a Japan-only PC release. Noah character routes added and released for multiple consoles in Japan. Unfortunately, no edition of Chaos;Head never received an official localization.

Chaos;Child is a visual novel set 6 years later chaos; chief noah, focusing on a new group of protagonists. This title has received an official English localization from publisher PQube on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and publisher Spike Chunsoft on PC via Steam.

It should also be noted that both Chaos;Head and Chaos;Child have romantic comedy visual novels respectively titled Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu! and Chaos;Child Love Chu Chu!! Unfortunately, none of these titles have ever been officially localized and are not included in this upcoming dual pack that will be released in Japan.

Chaos;Head Noah & Chaos;Child Double Pack releases for Nintendo Switch in Japan on February 24, 2022.

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