Close car loan? Read which loans are suitable for this

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close the car loan, but which loan is suitable?

Closing a car loan is done with your mind. Never let your emotion be the deciding factor! Because you are probably stuck with your new financing for a longer period.

It would be a shame if you regret an emotional purchase. Borrowing for a car? Then first look for the right form of lending and then make an appointment with the car dealer.

Closing the car loan for a new car wisely?

“Is taking out a new loan wise?” We obviously do not know about your financial and personal situation. Our maxim is always: If you can not save money for a new car, you can not put aside money for the repayment of a loan every month. Never borrow money if you have money problems.

However, buying a car on an installment is not a problem for most people. Make sure you take out the right loan. For example, a personal loan . With such a credit for cars you build a lot of certainty and you can adjust the term to the economic life of your new or second-hand car.

Types of car loans

Which car loan to choose? Below we will inform you about the types of loans that are available. Whatever loan you choose for a car, it is always important to take the right day value as the starting point for a car loan. With a cheaper car, the costs of your financing are lower.

It is not such a bad idea to negotiate the purchase price with the car dealer. If that is not possible, you may be able to exchange your old car or import a cheap car from abroad. Borrowing money for a car can take the following forms of financing.

Car purchase with personal loan

The personal loan (abbreviated PL) is the number one priority when it comes to the best car loan. In fact, virtually all financing for cars is personal loans. The total loan amount is paid out in one go and you purchase the car. With this car loan everything is fixed.

The loan amount, the interest you have to pay (you pay a fixed interest), the term and therefore also the amount of the monthly installments (repayments). The car is the collateral for the borrower. However, the vehicle is directly your property. If the term has expired and the loan has been repaid, you will also become the legal owner of the object.

Determine the duration according to the economic life of the car. If you are ready for a new one in the future, you will no longer be stuck with car financing.

Continuous credit as car financing for a car

Borrowing money for a car with a revolving credit is also a possibility. Although this is not the most ideal form of lending for this. The interest rate with a revolving credit is in fact variable. The borrowing interest can thus suddenly rise so that you are stuck with an expensive car credit. Continuous loans are very suitable to close together with a personal loan. Car owners sometimes close this credit in order to be able to cope with unexpected car costs.

Green car loan

Previously, a green car loan could also be closed. This enabled an economical electric car to be financed with tax benefits. Unfortunately, individuals can no longer borrow money for a car with this loan.

Driving a new car with a private lease

Do you want to drive in the latest car for a fixed amount per month? You can then lease a car with a private lease. The advantage of this is that all costs are included. The maintenance and repair costs are for the account of the leasing company. And you do not have to take out car insurance yourself or pay road tax.

The leasing company remains the owner of the vehicle. In fact, you rent a car for a fixed monthly amount. You sometimes have the option to take over the lease car after the end of the term. But you can also choose to change cars every few years.

Buy car on installment

With almost every car dealer you have the possibility to buy a car on installment. We would never do this ourselves. You take out a very expensive loan while you can also simply look for a cheap loan provider .

Compare car loan! But how?

How to compare a car loan best? Online there are many possibilities to compare car loans with each other. Use an online comparison tool or request a quote from a number of banks or lenders. Besides, the amount of the loan usually affects interest rates. If you agree on a higher credit limit, there is usually a lower interest rate.

When calculating your maximum car loan, lenders pay attention to your age, the income situation, any credit you still have to pay and your credit history. Borrowing money for a car with a negative BKR registration is not possible. With some lenders you are obliged to take out insurance with a car loan. For example, a term life insurance policy. This ensures a slightly higher interest rate.

Borrow advantageous money for a second-hand vehicle

Why would you buy a new car if you can also drive cheaply in a second-hand car? There are plenty of occasions available that you can take over for little money. And you can also just borrow money for that.

Cheaply finance a car

You can quickly and easily calculate and apply for the cheapest car financing online.

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