Co-Optimus – News – Pre-order Limited Run Switch games at Best Buy: TMNT, Double Dragon and more

Digital games are more convenient than physical games, and usually cheaper too. Still, there’s something about the physical game collection that appeals to many gamers. Pre-ordering limited physical editions directly from boutique labels is always an option, but sometimes retailers offer the same editions at a better price. That’s certainly the case with Best Buy, which is currently offering 14 Limited Run Nintendo Switch titles for pre-order, including TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge, Double Neon Dragonand several other cooperative successes.

The following co-op Switch titles from Limited Run Games are currently up for pre-order at Best Buy. Game titles link to the store page for each title:

  • Arcade paradise ($29.99): An arcade management adventure/simulation with over 35 original, playable arcade games. The digital version will launch on all platforms on August 11.
  • Contra Anniversary Collection ($34.99): A collection of 10 run-and-gun classics Contra Konami games.
  • Double Neon Dragon ($29.99): One of my favorite beat ’em ups of all time, this Double Dragon features a neon ’80s vibe, a stellar soundtrack, and a fun upgrade system. See our co-op review for more details.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge ($34.99, coming September 27): The hottest beat ’em up of the year supports 6 local or online players. The authentic TMNT cartoon vibe and great soundtrack don’t hurt either. See our co-op review for more details.
  • Zombies ate my neighbors and ghoul patrol ($34.99): A collection of two classic top-down shooters with a fun monster movie theme.

Also, check out the full list of Limited Run Best Buy pre-orders for non-co-op titles. Best Buy is offering free shipping on orders over $50, but shoppers can also choose “Pick Up In Store” for all of these games.

Thanks to CheapAssGamer for the discovery.

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