Contra: what day is actually the 35th birthday

Contra is the run-and-gun franchise that tested the skills of old-school gamers around the world, and it’s about to celebrate its 35th anniversary.

The 35th anniversary of the Contra fast approaching and will mark the anniversary of a series as appreciated for its difficulty as its gameplay. the Contra The series still has a lot of fans and they’ll probably be expecting some kind of birthday release, but it’s more likely that the franchise will get something far more nasty for its birthday.

the Contra consists of run-and-gun games, where the goal is to reach the end of the stage while blasting through hordes of alien soldiers. the original Contra is fondly remembered by old-school arcade and NES fans, as its fast-paced action was matched by its brutal difficulty. Fans outside of America will remember it as Probotector, as it was censored in many regions and replaced its human protagonists with robots. The most recent entry in the franchise was Cons: Rogue Corpsbut the Counter-returns The mobile game finally saw an international release in 2021.


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2022 has a number of anniversaries and Contra is one of the oldest since it celebrates its 35th anniversary this year. Contra will celebrate its 35th anniversary on February 20, 2022. Konami has gradually moved away from video game development and used its franchises in other mediums, or contracted other studios to create games for them, making the future of the frankness uncertain.

How will Konami celebrate Contra’s 35th anniversary?

Contra Force box art

At the time of writing, there is no word on a new Contra Game. It’s almost guaranteed that Counter-returns will be hosting special events to celebrate the franchise’s anniversary as it’s still getting content. It is possible that Konami will release a new Contra Anniversary Collection title, as the original only had some of the 2D inputs of the NES-SNES generation. A new Contra Anniversary Collection with games like against rebirth and Hard body: lifting would be a great way to celebrate the birthday. It’s just a shame that the excellent Cons 4 wouldn’t work, as it was a Nintendo DS game that relied heavily on the dual-screen gimmick.

The sad truth is that the most likely recognition of the Contra franchise will receive on its birthday will be in the form of NFT. Konami has faced backlash for Castlevania NFT on the show’s 35th anniversary, but that’s unlikely to slow the company down. the Contra The franchise was hugely influential in the early days of gaming, but its anniversary will likely only be recognized in the form of Bill Rizer and Red Hawk NFT.

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The 35th anniversary of Contra will take place on February 20, 2022.

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