Curious Kid Stuffed Changing Game Cartridges in Wii U Disc Tray

While it’s common for a successor system to get games from its predecessor, we don’t really see the reverse process happening. Well, it seems no one told a curious kid, who ended up having a repair technician do the whole thing when he had to fix a damaged Wii U disc tray that was only filled of Switch game cartridges.

The story comes from Jose A Cruz, who passes “@Cruzlink2” on Twitter. There, he shared some footage of a disassembled Wii U console that was stuffed full of a handful of different Switch game cartridges, blocking access to the tray and ruining its functionality.

The various cartridges are clearly visible in the images above, all ended up in varying positions inside the console after insertion.

Considering that the cartridges aren’t as thin as the discs that are supposed to be in them, the console owner’s child had to strain a bit to get them stuck inside.

Children seem to have an incredible ability to mess things up dramatically. Granted, inserting foreign objects inside a console’s disc slot is nothing new, but it’s amazing how many different ways a child can find to “experiment ” to see how something works. And, considering that various game cartridges ended up in this particular Wii U, it seems the culprit must have been very pleased with themselves when the first one got inside. So, like kids do, if they get a reaction, they’ll definitely keep repeating the process, which seems to be exactly what happened here.

So, despite the electronic carnage here, what happened to that poor Wii U? It turns out that she succeeded in the operation.

Jose posted a quick clip in a follow-up tweet showcasing the repaired disc platter and the subsequent test that confirmed it was fixed.

There is no clear explanation as to whether the disc tray needed to be completely replaced or if it was just a matter of repairing the damaged components, but in either case, the fact is that the console was still salvageable.

Spawn Wave, a well-known gaming tech YouTuber, also chimed in on this thread. Having worked as a console repairman himself in the past, this particular situation reminded him that he also had to repair various original Wii consoles that fell victim to being stuffed with Nintendo DS cartridges.

Obviously, a child’s curiosity knows no bounds. Even though the shape of the cartridges is totally different from the shape of the disc slot, any kid who’s done this must be thinking, “I saw dad pushing stuff here, so I’m going to give it a try too.” Moral of the story: if you want to keep your consoles safe from your children, better keep them out of reach.

On a related note, the Nintendo eShop for Wii U and 3DS will be shutting down soon. Once they do, purchasing digital Wii U titles will become impossible. So any remaining units with a working disc tray will become increasingly rare over time. Best to save them while you still can.

Source: Nintendo’s life

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