Decks Mario Party Superstars Should Add As DLC

Mario Party Superstars is the last game of mario party franchise, and it takes players back to the series’ roots. After various experimental titles like Mario Party 10 and Super Mario Party, Mario Party Superstars brings back the classic boards from the original three mario party games and 100 classic mini-games. It feels like a celebration of the franchise, but something is missing.

Mario Party Superstars launched with only five boards, one fewer than the previous title and three fewer than the original mario party. Each deck is a remastered version of something from previous titles; two of Mario Party 1two of Mario Party 2and one of Mario party 3. That leaves out the second half of the GameCube era, the entire Wii era, and all of the Wii U titles. There are so many boards that could be added to Superstars to make it the ultimate version of mario partyand with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe receive DLC it’s time for Mario Party Superstars get the same treatment.


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City Tycoon of Koopa

Mario Party 8 City Tycoon of Koopa

fans of Mario Party 8 will recognize the iconic Koopa’s Tycoon Town. Instead of following the habit mario party coin collection loop so the player can buy a star, Koopa’s Tycoon Town tasks players with investing in hotels. There are five hotels scattered across this board and two locked behind Lucky Spaces. Once a certain number of coins have been invested in the hotel, it will level up, with the maximum level being a three-star hotel. The player with the most coins invested in a hotel gets the number of stars that hotel is worth.

Koopa’s Tycoon Town becomes a bigger competition than other boards as players invest and waste other investments before battling mario partymini games. They can easily earn stars and just as easily lose them by becoming a hotel tycoon. This mechanism helps the board stand out among the rest.

Perplex Express by Shy Guy

Perplex Express from Mario Party Shy Guy

Another sheet of Mario Party 8 is Shy Guy’s Perplex Express, where players board a train and rush to the locomotive to buy stars. The train will continue to move forward and players must cross the carriages, then once a player reaches Shy Guy they must cross the top of the carriages and return to the start. Question spaces will cause the order of the cars to change, meaning someone who was in the first car can suddenly be in the last.

Shy Guy isn’t the only way to get stars on the express, as players can also land on Lucky Space and be dropped off at PayDay Waystation. The Waystation is filled with coins and at the end people can receive a star before returning to the express. Shy Guy’s Perplex Express is a mario party board of directors which has not been emulated since.

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Bowser Pinball

Mario Party Bowser Pinball

Bowser’s pinball machine is a standard mario party board with a unique aesthetic. Appearing in Mario Party DS, Bowser’s Pinball Machine traps players inside a pinball machine where they must play as the silver balls. Everything one would expect to find is present; players get bounced and collide with all sorts of obstacles as they try to collect the most stars. Bowser’s Pinball never made the leap to the home console, so seeing it with improved graphics and mechanics on the Nintendo Switch would give this card the love it deserves.

Waluigi Island

Mario Party Waluigi Island

Nintendo doesn’t give Waluigi much love, but he was given his own island in Mario Party 3. The board is filled to the brim with traps that players must avoid. The most stressful trap is the giant bomb, called Waluigi’s Big Blast, which sits near the bottom of the board waiting to explode. If a player lands on a question mark near the bomb, the number will decrease and once the number reaches zero, all nearby players will lose all their coins.

In the center of Waluigi Island, there is a rotating junction that allows players to move in four directions. The junction can be a way to escape the bomb island, or when facing a certain direction, it can also be the reason a player gets trapped. It’s a perfect way to trick friends and family as players try to collect the most stars.

Castaway Bay

Mario Party Castaway Bay

Castaway Bay was introduced in Mario Party 6, taking players to a colorful seaside resort. A collection of islands dot this board, and two boats sat in the center waiting for players. Players must reach Donkey Kong’s boat to receive stars, but they can also end up on Bowser’s Battle Yacht where he earns a star or 20 coins. Bowser also launches cannonballs from his yacht and if the player gets hit they lose a star. If players step onto a Happening Space, the boats switch places, causing disruption for most players.

the mario party The franchise is filled to the brim with quality boards that gamers can spend hours in. Although there is no confirmation that Mario Party Superstars will receive any DLC, fans can only hope there’s something on the horizon. With Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe receive a decent amount of DLC that turns them into definitive versions of their respective franchises, Mario Party Superstars could follow suit.

Mario Party Superstars is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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