Denuvo Announces First Nintendo Switch Hack Protection Software

Denuvo by Irdeto has unveiled “revolutionary technology designed to protect games launched on the Nintendo Switch against piracy”. A global leader in providing security solutions for video games across desktop, console and mobile platforms, Denuvo’s announcement claims that Nintendo Switch titles could previously be emulated from day one and played on PC, bypassing all the protections offered on the PC version. However, as of now, with the new Nintendo Switch emulator protection, anyone who wants to play a Switch game on PC now needs to purchase a legit copy.

The history of Nintendo Switch and hacking

According to Denuvo, Nintendo consoles – not just the Switch – have faced piracy issues over the years. Supposedly, even if a game is protected against piracy on PC, the released Switch version could still be emulated and played on day one via PC bypassing all protections. This can happen with any of the many games available on Switch.

The company hopes that by preventing piracy on Switch and blocking unauthorized emulations on PC, studios can increase revenue when the game launches by ensuring that anyone wishing to play the game must purchase a copy first. legit.

Irdeto’s research revealed that 84% of game developers are constantly concerned about tampering and piracy, and subsequently 93% of people using anti-cheat and anti-tampering solutions are satisfied with the protection and the value provided by game protection technologies.

Nintendo Switch official logo

“As with all other Denuvo solutions, the technology seamlessly integrates into the build toolchain without impacting the gameplay experience. This then allows checks to be inserted into the code, which blocks the game on emulators,” said Reinhard Blaukovitsch, Managing Director of Denuvo by Irdeto.

Currently, Denuvo has over 2 billion unique game installs protected across all platforms and over 1,000 games secured, according to their press release.

“At Denuvo, we understand that piracy negatively affects the gaming industry and work with industry parties to ensure they have the latest protective technologies,” Blaukovitsch said.

“Our team is excited to provide a solution that helps developers and publishers combat the Nintendo Switch piracy problem.”

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