Disney Classic Games gets a re-release on Nintendo Switch, with all-new Jungle Book content


While retro game re-releases are quite common, Disney just announced a re-release of its collection of classic Disney games, with game versions based on The Lion King and Aladdin movies. This time around, players can experience The Jungle Book in all its pixelated glory for the first time on their Nintendo Switch family of systems, with all the quality of life features added to the other two games.

Disney’s collection of classic games features rewind and fast-forward features, allowing players to step back in time if they got it wrong, or move forward if things get too frustrating. Retro games are notoriously difficult to complement gameplay, so these quality of life features are popping up in many retro game collections. Several versions of these games are available, from retro console to portable versions. This includes both the SNES and Sega Genesis versions of Aladdin, both of which offer unique experiences. The collection is only available in physical form, so you won’t see it on the eShop.

Which of these games were you the most difficult to conquer as a kid? Let us know in the comments below!

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