Double Peace gets release date and Switch details

Inti Creates has announced the release of its obscene rail shooter Gal Gun: Double peace on Nintendo Switch on March 17, 2022.

The game will receive a physical release in Japan, with a limited edition available containing a poster and other goodies. A Western version for the physical version has not been revealed at this time.

Additionally, the Switch version will include almost all DLC outfits released on other platforms and feature a new opening cutscene. The developer teased some special giveaways available for those with save data from other Gal Gun games. The version is considered the final version and includes:

  • Includes almost all DLC outfits from other platforms – Choose from 38 different varieties ranging from cute to downright silly.
  • Brand New Opening Movie – Shinobu and Maya are back with a brand new song! Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming new video.
  • Traditional Chinese and Korean support added – In addition to English and Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Korean are now supported.
  • Wait, there is a bonus for owners of other Gal * Gun games – Owners of the Nintendo Switch versions of “Gal * Gun 2” and “Gal * Gun Returns” may just find a bonus in “Gal * Gun Double Peace. “.

Gal Gun: Double peace initially launched on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita before releasing on PC. The game is a rail shooting game in which players go through levels in search of their best daughter. To keep the other girls away, players will have to shoot them down using a special pheromone gun.

You can watch the trailer below:

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