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Unreal life associates your amnesiac protagonist with a sensitive traffic light.

No it’s not secretly Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, although we had a lot of fun talking to the road signs in the original. Unreal life is a point-and-click pixel-art adventure that has already seen the light of day on PC and, in Japan and the United States, on Nintendo Switch. But, next week, it will be released in Europe on Nintendo Switch.

This introduces you as Hal, and while we hope the twist isn’t as obvious as she’s being an AI, she’s a girl of many mysteries. She lost her memory, being able to remember only the name of her teacher, Miss Sakura. So, with your help and the help of the aforementioned traffic light, she travels through a mysterious city in search of answers.


She also has the ability to visualize memories of things she touches, which initially looks very cool. However, how cool this ability is depends on whether or not Hal can disable it. Of course, that might help him find Miss Sakura. But what if she rubs her hands against a trash can and is inundated with a vision of someone drunk dipping their guts into it? It’s not a memory that everyone needs.

You can find out if this horrific scenario takes into account Unreal life when it hits the European Nintendo Switch eShop on December 3rd. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer and list it right now.

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