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eFootball 2022 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, Android, and iOS devices.

With the latest version of Pro Evolution Soccer launching on every platform imaginable, fans are wondering if and when we’ll get a Switch version.

Unfortunately, however, things don’t look good for Nintendo Switch fans, as Konami is keeping a low profile on one port.

Indeed, judging by the evidence, eFootball 2022 isn’t coming to Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

The Pro Evolution Soccer series has not appeared on a Nintendo device since the launch of PES 2014 on the 3DS handheld.

Meanwhile, support for home consoles ended with the Nintendo Wii version of Pro Evo 2013 the year before.

More evidence can be found on the recently released eFootball 2022 roadmap, which makes no mention of a Switch launch.

The roadmap covers the period from launch until the end of winter. It includes eSports tournament confirmation, mobile controller support and more.

Sadly, there’s no mention of a Nintendo Switch release, which means we’ll probably have to wait until next year at the earliest.

On the bright side, Konami previously suggested that a Nintendo Switch version of PES was getting closer to reality following the switch to The Unreal Engine.

In a July 2020 interview (via Nintendo’s life), a Konami spokesperson said the company wants to bring the game to Switch.

Asked about a Switch port, a Konami representative said, “I think we’re closer to that. The Unreal Engine will help us a lot to be a little more flexible on the platforms we appear on.

“I can’t assure you yet, but I think we’re getting closer to getting there (to Switch).

“Every time we announce a new game, people let us know that they are still waiting for the Switch version. It’s something we want because people ask us and there are a lot of consumers who have quit. playing PES just because we are not on that platform.

“We are focusing on how we can (do it), and I think the engine change will help us a lot to make the dream of many Nintendo fans come true.”

According to Konami, eFootball 2022 offers an all-new game engine to accompany its new free-to-play status.

The new game engine would revamp the animation system, crowds, locations, and even the control scheme.

“It all started with the relentless determination to create a revolutionary football experience,” Konami explains.

“Our ambition was to recreate the perfect football environment, from the grass on the pitch, to the movement of the players, to the crowd in the stadium.

“To this end, we decided to create a new football engine, with a redesigned animation system and game controls. The end result was even more impressive than we had originally imagined.

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