Everything you need to enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports

What you need for Nintendo Switch Sports

The Nintendo Switch is a game console that can host many games in different categories and difficulty levels. A popular title is Nintendo Switch Sports, a game that has six sports in one. The game can be played locally or online by one to four players, making it fun for friends and family members.

What is Nintendo Switch Sports

Consider the spiritual successor to the popular Wii Sports from 2006, Nintendo Switch Sports is a new video game released in April 2022. It takes advantage of motion control to physically move a player and is designed for people to play with others in person or online. Similar to Wii games, it also offers players the ability to customize their character and screen name.

Some games, such as volleyball, bowling, and tennis, require three to four players. But with one or two players, you have access to the following games:

  • Soccer
  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Bowling
  • Chambara

Most of these sports are simple and play the same as their real-life counterparts. A lesser known game is chambara, which is a Japanese sport that is a cross between jousting and fencing.

Although Nintendo Switch Sports only includes six sports at the moment, more are planned for the future. In fall 2022, the company plans to add golf to the game.

Console and game equipment

switching dock

When you buy a base Nintendo Switch, you get a Switch Dock. This lightweight device allows you to connect the console to a TV so you can play video games on the big screen. Since Nintendo Switch Sports is both a party game and designed to encourage physical activity, it’s more playable and fun when displayed that way.

The Dock comes with an HDMI port that can be connected to a TV with a hdmi cable, which also comes with the standard Nintendo Switch bundle. However, if you want a shorter or longer cord, or something happens to the original one, you need to get a separate cable. Once you have it, just connect the cable to the ports on the Dock and the TV and play.


Several items come with the standard Nintendo Switch console bundle, including two basic Joy-Cons. These little controllers can be plugged into the left and right sides of the console, as well as used separately when the console is docked in the Switch Dock.

Joy-Con controllers come with motion control. Not all Nintendo Switch games require it, but it is essential for Nintendo Switch Sports. If you don’t have controllers with motion controllers, the game will not be able to detect your movements, which will make the game hard to play or even unplayable.

The standard Joy-Cons come in red and blue, but you can also buy new ones separately if you want specific colors or themes. Common options include:

  • standard gray
  • blue zelda
  • Neon pink and neon green
  • pokemon yellow
  • Neon orange and purple
  • Green Luigi
  • red mario
  • yellow and blue
  • transparent purple

Choosing controllers that match the game or your personality is a great way to add to the fun. Also, if you want to play with four people locally, you need to get extra Joy-Cons because the original package only comes with two.

Joy-Con straps

Joy-Con straps are a recommended accessory for those who play active games such as Nintendo Switch Sports. When using the Joy-Cons separately from the console, you can connect straps to each controller. This makes it easier to press the SL and SR buttons while preventing them from flying out of your hands while you game.

Another useful accessory is the Nintendo Leg Strap. This connects around the player’s leg and can hold the left or right Joy-Con controller to detect leg movement. This is useful when playing Soccer Shoot-Out! on Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo switch case

A Nintendo Switch case is another useful accessory. Not only is it designed to protect the console, but it can also add entertainment value by adding a specific color or theme while playing.

Multiplayer subscription

Nintendo offers a subscription service, Switch Online, which gives you access to different games and features. With it, you can play some online games with other people. While not required to play locally, you do need a subscription to play Nintendo Switch Sports online with other people.

Once you have a subscription, you can create a room for other people with the code to play the game. Or you can join an existing room that someone else has created. Alternatively, you can choose to play with anyone without being invited. If you have a subscription and are playing online, you can also earn items to customize your in-game avatar.

Nintendo offers subscriptions ranging from one to 12 months. It also has options that give you access to other games. There are also discounted family membership options.

8 Best Things You Need to Enjoy Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch – OLED model with white Joy-Con

This is the seven-inch OLED version of the Nintendo Switch console. It comes with 64GB of internal storage, the white Nintendo Dock, and two white Joy-Con controllers and straps. The screen can be converted to table mode by flipping the back, which is ideal for those who prefer smaller screens. The crisp display and large storage space are the two biggest improvements over the original Switch console.

Sold by Amazon

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con

If you want a basic Nintendo Switch console with a Dock and two Joy-Con controllers, this is the one for you. It comes with four color options and 64, 128 or 256 GB memory.

Sold by Amazon

Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch)

Nintendo Switch Sports (Nintendo Switch)

This video game features six interactive games, including bowling, tennis, and soccer, making it perfect for enjoying an afternoon with friends locally or online.

Sold by Amazon

Pack of two leg straps compatible with Nintendo Switch Sports

Pack of two leg straps compatible with Nintendo Switch Sports

These leg straps are designed for use with the Nintendo Switch Sports game, specifically for football. Each strap can hold one Joy-Con controller. They also have easily adjustable velcro to fit most leg sizes.

Sold by Amazon

Nintendo Joy-Con Pink-Green

Nintendo Joy-Con

This pack includes two Joy-Cons, the left and the right, with seven color options, including neon pink and neon green. They can be used alone or connected to the console. They come with a gyro sensor and accelerometer, making them perfect for Nintendo Switch Sports. They also come with Joy-Con grips, so it’s easy to clip them to your wrists.

Sold by Amazon

Hand Strap for Joycon Switch - One pair of lanyard attachments

Hand Strap for Joycon Switch – One pair of lanyard attachments

If you want separate wristbands, these come with a secure lanyard and can be tied around your wrist to prevent you from losing the controllers while playing games. They are compatible with Joy-Con controllers.

Sold by Amazon

Nintendo Switch Docking Station Kit

Nintendo Switch Docking Station Kit

This separate Nintendo Switch dock is the perfect replacement for anyone whose original dock has been broken or lost. It can take compatible games and display them on the big screen. It comes with an HDMI cable.

Sold by Amazon

12-month individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online

12-month individual subscription to Nintendo Switch Online

This digital code gives you a one-year online subscription so you can play video games with other gamers remotely through an internet connection. It also gives you access to many classic Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System games.

Sold by Amazon

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