F-Zero Switch release date speculation: Is the franchise dead?

Of all the Nintendo franchises, F-Zero may have been the dirtiest. Ever since the console launched, fans have been hoping for a F-Zero Switch Release Date, but Nintendo is content to let the series lie dormant. We’ll look at the chances of the series getting another entry below.

Will the Switch have an F-Zero release date?

A new F-Zero is one of Nintendo’s most requested games. Unfortunately, despite massive fan support, no F-Zero Switch release date has materialized. The original game is available through Nintendo Switch Online. However, although N64 games have arrived on Switch Online, no announcement has been made regarding the release of F-Zero X on the platform.

A new F-Zero game hasn’t been released outside of Japan since F-Zero GP Legend was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2003. Nintendo doesn’t seem to know what to do with the franchise. Takaya Imamura, who has been with the series throughout its existence, made comments that seem to indicate that Nintendo does not know how to evolve F-Zero after GP Legend, and does not want to rehash the same gameplay.

Of course, that mentality is so Nintendo. It’s published dozens of side-scrolling Mario games, all of which play the same way, but is supposedly scared to make a sixth mainline entry in the F-Zero series. Given that few games have matched the franchise’s challenging and rewarding gameplay, this doesn’t feel too realistic. However, only Nintendo knows why it makes the sometimes odd decisions it does.

Hopefully fans will continue to rally for an F-Zero Switch release date, and we’ll see that soon. Nintendo has shown it will revive series that have been dormant for a while, so maybe they’ll bring this one back when the time comes.

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