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Marvel Comics sets itself apart with its earth-based, identifiable heroes and villains. Regardless, there are plenty of weird and weird alien species in the Marvel Universe that have played a significant role in some of the Distributor’s most important storylines. Rarely are these alien creatures presented as partners and colleagues of the title holders.

Regularly, however, they are portrayed as perilous adversaries with noxious inspirations. Despite the dangers presented by their super-controlled human Forsaken, there are many dangerous alien societies that the Marvel Legends have been forced to grapple with.

Fearsome specters

A former branch of the famous Skrulls, the Dire Wraiths possess similar shape-shifting abilities as their ancestors, but have dominated their own type of dark divination over the millennia since their separation from their parent species.

Constantly trying to expand their dark realm, the Dire Wraiths focused on the world of Galador, causing a decades-long war. To combat this tenacious attack, the Galadorians truly changed a select group of their most prominent fighters forever, creating the cybernetically enhanced Space Knights.


One of the latest additions to Marvel’s huge pantheon, the Chitauri are another form-shaking alien society. A type of wild and stupid animal, the Chitauri have limited knowledge, with the exception of their queen, whose orders they undeniably follow.

Unlike Skrulls and Dire Wraiths, Chitauri lack the ability to change structure without first burning a host, whose appearance they are then ready to accept. Resolutely constant, the Chitauri have no sense of independence and rather function as a constant power of “drones” told by the desire of their Queen.


Better known as “symbiotes,” Klyntar are a formless parasitic alien species that attaches to and converges with its hosts both in the body and in the psyche. The most notable delegate of this species is the Venom Symbiote, which was brought to earth by Spider-Man after the occasion of the Secret Interstellar Wars.

Since knowing the planet, the Klyntar have reproduced, creating new deadly symbiotes, as well as preparing for others of their kind attempting an intrusion. With the ability to convey the actual attributes acquired by starting with one host and then moving on to the next, for example, by duplicating Spider-Man’s webbing in Venom, the Klyntars continually grow and remake themselves using these learned abilities in an attempt to future willing hosts while continuing to search for a lifelong association.


The Shi’ar species itself is an avian humanoid race possessing many bird-like characteristics, such as plumes instead of hair, and wings in some individuals with important passive qualities. While not exactly a truly compelling presence on its own, the threat of the Shi’ar lies in their far-reaching realm, including various universes and their occupants.

From these oppressed universes, the Shi’ar have assembled an assortment of amazing creatures under their initiative, including the royal protectorate known as the Imperial Guard, and the more rebellious and savage Death Commandos. While they have fought against earthly heroes like the X-Men in numerous events, the adjusted species during the Shi’ar rule are extremely loyal to the siege and whoever sits there, causing struggle and victory. when it was usurped in the midst of various fleeting upheavals.


An innovative race in a hereditary deadlock, the Kree have lived through millennia conquering neighboring and distant universes and interbreeding among hereditarily comparative populations trying to revive their own obsolete development. This quest for natural extension welcomed them to earth time and time again, directly leading to the introduction of Carol Danvers, half of whose Kree DNA would ultimately spur her to become the hero, Captain Marvel.

Urged on by their ruler, The Supreme Intelligence, a fake being involving information gathered about totally expired individuals of their kind, the Kree will generally see themselves as a deeply cohesive and fleeing realm. This character is effectively refuted by their centuries-old conflict with the Skrulls, a competition brought into the world from an early misinterpretation of the species’ first experience.


One of the more punctual outdoor species featured in Marvel Comics, the Skrulls are a shapeshifter reptilian race that has battled the Kree for centuries. Prior to the onset of their conflict with the Kree, the Skrulls were nonetheless a category of generally tranquil animals that developed faster than light interstellar travel from the start in their set of experiences, which they used to research others. clever species to trade with. Arriving on Hala, the homeworld of the Kree, the Skrulls announced that Hala’s other dominant species, the plant-like Cotati, were the most commendable agents on the planet.

This apparent affront to them excited the Kree, finally starting their never-ending argument. As the conflict progressed and devoured their way of life, the Skrulls transformed into more powerful types of animals, defeating different universes to extend their duration for vital purposes. It was this expansion that ultimately brought them to earth, where they battled the human heroes in various events, using their shape-shifting abilities to invade numerous chivalrous groups remembering the Avengers and Fantastic Four for an invasion. secret.


A parasitic and insectoid alien species animated by Ridley Scott’s 1979 film Alien, the brood rehearses by incorporating their eggs into other living creatures, which at this point produce, burn, and change the host, c ‘ is anything but another brood. During this change, the new Brood acquires the information, memories, and abilities of the Burns, which brings some of the Brood’s super-controlled individuals to their kind.

By the time they were initially experienced by the X-Men on a mission to space, the Brood had the ability to grab and absorb the entire group except Wolverine, whose factor of recovery rejected the unborn stranger in his body. Since recognizing Earth’s supercharged population as a possible asset, the Broods have made efforts to interfere with a small number of events, just to be mad at heroes like Captain Marvel and the X-Men. .

Technarchy / Phalanx

The Technarchy and the Phalanx are actually two special species but are organically related. Technarchy is a category of techno-natural animals that contaminate living tissue with the “transmode virus,” transforming natural creatures into a comparable techno-natural structure, known as the phalanx. They then, at this point, burned the phalanx’s energy for nourishment, leaving only a worn-out shell.

The moment a being transformed into a phalanx is not consumed, it holds the ability to infect others with the transmode virus, turning them into more phalanges and absorbing them into their collective gestalt consciousness. Each Phalanx Hive is guided by a natural base to cause the Techrarchy to complete their motivation to be burnt. The transmode virus is exceptionally infectious, which makes any conflict with the phalanx or technarchy inherently dangerous.


Made from the conscious universe that existed before the current Marvel Multiverse, the Celestials are limitless and incredible creatures who have examined and led the movement of life development across the universe. Remaining a great number of feet tall and made up of a mixture of more modest and pseudo-freely intelligent living beings, each Celestial fills an exceptional need among their positions. The general objective of the species remains, however, secret.

Experimenting with and altering various flourishing civic establishments throughout reality, the intrigues of the Celestials are responsible for the branch of humanity known as the Eternals, which they intermittently monitor for judgment, alongside the movement of the Eternals. humanity as a whole. Ready to control matter and energy for massive reach, the Celestials are inherently unkillable except for a small group of ancient elements and weapons.


A near alien species to almighty from outside the normal multiverse, the Beyonders easily killed creatures like the Celestials in different real life surrogates. The main Beyonder known to Marvel’s land legends set out to uncover humanity and it’s anything but an assortment of heroes and villains and made them fight in The Secret Wars.

Later, the Beyonders would see multiversal humanity as too risky to continue to exist and set out on the right path to annihilate the multiverse, creating a clean web from which they could start over. With incredible reality-twisting forces, the attempted annihilation of the multiverse by this gathering of Beyonders ultimately prompted the convergence of the classic and ultimate Marvel universes into one particular reality.

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