First Loan with 0% interest

Mini-loans of up to 400 euros without interest if it is the first time you request a quick loan.

Possibilities to get fast money:

It has the great advantage of not requiring the filing of payrolls or endorsements and even if figures in any of the lists of existing defaulters admit your request for quick money.

For those who need a great speed in the processing should review the loans without papers selected in the analysis: MONEY INSTANTLY 

The first impression is that it is another entity of quick loans but then it can be seen that it is innovative, because the offer of the first free loan like us also joins the offer of obtaining money with the only guarantee of your car and be able to continue so disposing of it, which is encouraging that the opinions that are emerging are very good and is consolidating as the loan without interest more used by consumers.

There are other companies that have chosen to promote their services through television ads, however has opted for the way for customers to try their products for free for the first time so they can transmit to friends and acquaintances through Word of mouth your experience and go thus getting market share.

Possibilities to get fast money:

  • Personal loans up to 1500 euros in just one hour.
  • Get a loan with the guarantee of the car itself . The maximum amount you will be granted is 60% of the value of the car and the age of the vehicle must not exceed 10 years. The great advantage is that you can continue to use your own car and you will have the money that is so urgent. In 24 hours you can have the money at your disposal.

Now, if the amount of money you need is higher, you can try asking loanea , who grant loan lines and loans up to 3000 euros.

How to ask for the free loan?

If this is the first time that you request a mini-loan, they will grant it to you free of charge, this offer is made in order to make yourself known and attract new customers. The process is as follows: You enter your website here and fill in the form with the amount of money you request and the maximum period in which you want to return it. Then click on the “Start to request” button and fill in your personal and financial information.

Once they analyze your application, they will inform you that your request for urgent money has been accepted and you will have to confirm it with an SMS message with the word “I accept” and they will also ask you to send them a color photocopy or a photograph made with the smartphone of your DNI or NIE.

Once carried out these small procedures will send you the money in less than 15 minutes , which gives it a speed very appreciated by users.

In case of your second or subsequent request, the amount of interest that will be applied will depend on the personalized study that you make of your personal and financial situation, but logically this information will be known before accepting the proposal.

Do you grant extensions?

Yes we grant extensions, in case that arrived the day indicated in the contract as return date you can not return the loan, you can get in touch with them before that day and establish an extension: You will have to pay them the interest and thus they will grant you Another 30 days to return the loan.

Loan and your personal loans

The amount that can be achieved in less than 1 hour is 1,500 euros although with a more detailed study you can get to grant a personal loan of up to 10,000 euros.

The amount of personal loans ranges between 400 and 1,500 euros with a return period ranging from 1 to 12 months.

Granting of Loans and the car as collateral

Our loan differs from other loans collected on our website in that it also admits, that the applicant offers his car as a guarantee, with the maximum amount of money being granted 60% of the value of the car, but you will still be able to enjoy your vehicle and you will only have to return the money in the established installments.

To obtain the money using this procedure you will only have to enter your web page and fill in your data and those of your vehicle, and you will have the money in 24 hours.

When you enter the amount of money you need in the form, remember that the maximum amount should be 30,000 euros. The requirements of the vehicle is that it is not more than 10 years old and the papers in order as well as the ITV in force.

One last note differentiating other interest-free mini-loans is that o grants money to people even if they appear as delinquent in lists like ASNEF or RAI, which is a novelty in the sector and that many people take advantage of to get out of the “bump” although they appear as debtors in those lists.


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