Games that seem not to exist on Nintendo Switch

When looking at many proprietary Nintendo games, it’s sometimes hard to remember that the nintendo switchThe processing power of cannot handle a large number of graphics-intensive games on other hardware. It’s a hybrid console and handheld, so a smaller processor and graphics card is to be expected compared to the PS4 and Xbox. Still, Nintendo’s more cartoonish style matches the limitations of the system and has made it a perfect console for those who want to play its proprietary games.

Nintendo is notorious for having rocky relationships with third-party developers, from Capcom games exclusive to GameCube to splitting from Nintendo and Sony after the Super Nintendo disc player spinoff. However, the Nintendo Switch intrigues developers, as the large install base and portable nature of the system gives them a new market to tap into. Even with the trials and tribulations of porting a great game to a less powerful system when the PS5 seems to start selling the Switch soon, some developers have decided that the platform is still worth supporting.


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The Nintendo Switch has turned over a new leaf with third-party developers, but still retains a lot of current-gen experiences. That being said, some game developers have been scrambling to adapt their games to the system in hopes of capturing the Switch’s player base. Whether it’s sheer willpower or a complete overhaul, these games probably don’t belong on the Nintendo Switch, but are welcome additions to the library anyway.

Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions Will Change

Does Sora In Smash mean more Kingdom Hearts games will come to change?

It’s important to mention cloud releases here, as many of the best game releases on other consoles use the cloud to run on the Nintendo Switch without actually pushing the processing power of the system. Since these builds only exist as long as the cloud is up and require a constant connection to the internet, there’s been a lot of debate about whether the upcoming Switch ports of Kingdom Hearts as well as the port of guardians of the galaxy are “real” ports for the Nintendo Switch. Most of these versions work well, but this is hardly an example of ingenuity.

The cloud versions are much more in line with streaming games as they don’t use the Switch hardware to run them. These games definitely have a place in the Switch library for people who want to play other console exclusives, especially for fans who only own one console. Still, there are questions to be asked about whether or not these releases are worth the full price of the physical – and even locally downloaded – releases.

The Witcher 3 is a massive RPG that somehow works on Switch

Witcher 3 Switch Gamescom 2019 Release Date

The Witcher 3 looks like it would be a cloud release, but somehow the team at Saber Interactive and CD Projekt Red was able to fit the entirety of The Witcher 3 in surprisingly high resolution on a physical game card. The original game is a benchmark for graphics, having not only an incredible level of detail but also a huge world. The fact that the entire game runs on Switch, even at lower resolution and graphics quality, is almost miraculous given that this version also includes all expansions and DLC.

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Sure, frame rates are even worse than other console versions, but that doesn’t mean the port isn’t impressive. It’s still a very playable game and doesn’t sacrifice any gameplay elements to make it happen. Portability definitely sells the game – playing a fairly powerful version of The Witcher 3 on the go without the need for a stable internet connection is an offer that many fans can’t pass up.

Doom Eternal is an M-Rated graphics showcase on Switch

The Doom Eternal logo on the Nintendo Switch.

Although Nintendo has a history with Loss on the Nintendo 64 and the original Doom Trilogy is available on Nintendo Switch, its systems rarely focus on mature content. When a game like Crazy world for the Nintendo Wii or Resident Evil 4 for the GameCube appears, it is usually labeled as an outlier because Nintendo’s target demographic – children, teens, and families – generally cannot play these games. For this reason, many horror and shooting games like Loss never came to Nintendo consoles and instead took advantage of the graphical improvements of competing consoles.

However, the Nintendo Switch began to build a stable catalog of M-rated games, although many developers had to scale down their graphics capabilities to get their games running on the handheld. The best example is Loss Eternal, a game that runs and plays well on the handheld Nintendo Switch and even the interesting handheld Switch Lite at a steady 30 frames per second. While the graphics quality suffered greatly in order to release the Switch port at the same time as the PS4 and Xbox versions, Panic Button tried to make the port worth buying for Nintendo fans.

Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer game on Switch

Overwatch Switch Launch Event Canceled Controversy Blizzard

Despite the origin Monitoring releasing in 2016 and the Switch port taking until 2019 to complete, it’s still surreal to see the team-based shooter running on the system. Not only does the game require graphical fidelity not typically seen in other Switch games, but it also requires an internet connection which the Nintendo Switch has always struggled with. Splatoon and the next Spatula 3 offers team-based shooter gameplay, but fluid twelve-player matches with different characters operating on detailed maps isn’t something the Switch has dealt with in the past.

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With the exception of MonitoringIn competitive mode, the game can now be played across multiple platforms, allowing Switch owners to play with friends who have PS4s and PCs. There aren’t too many games with cross-platform support on Switch to begin with, so Monitoring having this mode makes it much more appealing than other esports-focused games for the system. The game runs well but doesn’t feel like it fits into Nintendo’s catalog – even though the art style is more cartoony than a traditional shooter, its target demographic is young adults who enjoy esports , which are not two categories. usually associated with.

While the Switch could undoubtedly be more powerful than its current model, there are still ways to enjoy AAA titles, including some of Nintendo’s best games. Many console owners adopt the strategy of playing both PC games and Switch games to keep their options open and afford the freedom that portability brings. With the Steam Deck on the way, hardcore PC users may have less reason to use the Switch given its inferior processing power and graphics capabilities.

Of course, the Switch marketed itself in two distinct ways: great first-party games that are portable for the first time, and downloadable indie games that are smaller and cheaper but still offer hours of gameplay. AAA games like The Witcher 3 and Monitoring on the platform is certainly important, but these games push the console to its limits. the nintendo switch doesn’t need to impress with its performance to please its fanbase – it usually impresses with innovation like a Switch DS would – but it’s still great to see these AAA titles available on the console.

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