Ghost of Sushima director’s cut to be released on August 20, 2021



The PlayStation exclusive title “Ghost of Sushima” will receive a director version on August 20, 2021, while its own version will be available on PlayStation 5. The director version for PS4 and PS5 includes the original version of Ghost of Sushima, all updates previous day and additional content, and a new adventure for Gin “Iki Island. Additionally, the PS5 version of the game comes with some unique additional features.

All Ghost of Sushima players can look forward to some great updates like improved photo mode and improved usability on launch day.

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First discover the extension of the story on “Ikki Island”

In the brand new episode of Ghost of Sushima, Jin travels to the nearby island of Sushima to investigate rumors of a Mongol presence. However, he gets caught up in very personal events that create traumatic experiences from his past.

Aside from the story and the sequel to the new characters, players can expect a lot of new content on Iggy Island. This includes new environments, armor for gin and his horse, mini-games, abilities, enemy types and more.

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Featured Features for PlayStation 5

While both PS4 and PS5 players can enjoy the “Ikea Island” expansion, the director’s version of the PS5 version still offers plenty of features:

  • Using the haptic feedback and adaptive stimuli of the dualSense controller

  • Improved Japanese lip sync for Japanese speech publishing

  • Significantly improved loading times

  • 4K resolution with a target rate of 60 fps

  • 3D-audio

The Sushima Director’s Limit Price for PS4 and PS5 can be pre-ordered from PlayStation Store from July 2, 2021 through August 20, 2021. All pre-orders will additionally receive a PS4 version of Ghost of Sushima for download. to pre-order in-game items. On July 2, 2021, the standard PS4 version of Ghost of Sushima will be removed from PlayStation Store.

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About Sushima’s Ghost

Development Studio takes players from the Sushima Coast of Sucker Punch Productions to atmospheric medieval feudal Japan. In 1274, the island of Sushima was invaded by the Mongol army. The protagonist, Jin Chokai, trained as a samurai by his uncle, is forced to give up his code of honor and become Sushima’s “ghost” in order to fight the invasion by all means and save Japan from destruction. .

For more information on Sushima’s Ghost, visit PlayStation-Blog And that Official site. Director’s Cut Can Trailer On Youtube To be taken into consideration.

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