Hong Kong Company Is Discounting Next-Gen Wi-Fi Booster for Nintendo Switch on Kickstarter

BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster ensures seamless and buffer-free online gaming experience by optimizing Nintendo Switch network speed.

Hong Kong – July 15, 2022 – Lazy internet during fast-paced game actions is pure party pooper. But, a Hong Kong-based gaming accessory company, BuffKits, has developed an advanced Wi-Fi signal booster for Nintendo Switch which ensures to boost Switch network speed up to 3x. The company has currently launched a campaign for its new Wi-Fi Booster on Kickstarter and is offering an exclusive 45% discount to backers.

The BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster Kickstarter campaign has already raised over 50% of the pledged amount and still has over a week to reach the deadline (July 21, 2022).

The limited-edition BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster discount offers the new booster for $54 only when the retail price is $99.

BuffKits is an initiative of a team of visionary and innovative game-engineers who specialize in central antennas and wireless connection technology. As ardent gamers, they often struggled with slow internet speed while gaming. They knew that many other gamers were also facing the same problem and the crisis led them to develop a next-generation Wi-Fi booster that could optimize the latency and slowness of downloading games. Thus, BuffKits Wi-Fi Booster was born.

BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster works as an external network card for Switch which is smartly designed to improve Wi-Fi connection and increase the connection speed of Switch. It is a highly advanced wireless device that provides the credibility of a wired network, with the guarantee of super-fast speed. The BuffKits booster works in tandem with BuffKits native smartphone app.

The main USP of the new BuffKits booster is its state-of-the-art router chipset that comes with hardware network accelerators. This highly sophisticated router chipset allows users to enjoy high-speed connection during both single and multiplayer gaming sessions.

Key features and benefits of BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Extender

  • Improves Switch network speed up to 3 times faster
  • 2x higher signal coverage range
  • Compatible with all Switch models
  • Very stable connection for smooth online gaming
  • The cable-free design allows users to carry the booster anywhere in the house or even the yard
  • Compact and portable design
  • Extremely user-friendly
  • Can be used in TV mode and handheld mode

The BuffKits™ Wi-Fi Booster has received rave reviews from early adopters. According to these users and reviewers, before the recall, they were getting around 15-25 megabits per second download. But now they get 80-90 megabits per second download speed. The first group of users also performed a speed test of the booster and were happy to report amazing results. Additionally, they mentioned a seamless YouTube experience on the Switch booster via BuffKits with no unwanted lag or buffering issues.

The Wi-Fi booster is the company’s first product. BuffKits aspires to launch many more gaming and connection-related devices in the near future.

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