How to Record Nintendo Switch Online N64 Games Properly

Properly saving Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch Online is a must, and players can do so by creating an ellipsis in the program menu.

N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online allow players to save their progress at any time. Learning how to do this will be important for progressing through a handful of these classic titles. As Nintendo Switch Online continues to update its library of Nintendo 64 games, many fans are turning to the service as a way to experience classic games legally. The service launched with Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and added new titles like paper mario and Banjo Kazooie. Each of these games has its own independent place to save progress.

It is important to mention that Nintendo 64 games are only available with the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack. This is an upgraded version of the 12-month subscription through which players now have access to SEGA Genesis and Nintendo 64 titles. There is also access to a handful of DLCs, including the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC. The Nintendo Switch Online subscription costs $49.99 per year and continues to add new games all the time. Most recently, subscribers received F-Zero X in the Nintendo 64 collection.


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In order to save correctly on N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online, players need to press the L and R buttons to bring up the menu. There will be an option for Create an ellipsis with four different locations to choose from. Players can choose one of these locations and the save file will be created. Every time the player needs to pick up where they left off, they need to open this menu again and select Load ellipsis. It’s likely that most players won’t need to use more than four slots at a time. In this case however, one of the four will need to be overwritten in order to continue recording.

Various uses for Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Switch Online Nintendo 64 games available through the Expansion Pass.

Luckily, this backup feature also works for NES and SNES libraries on Nintendo Switch Online. However, there is no rewind function like on the Super Nintendo emulator. In addition to being able to play classic NES, SNES, and Nintendo 64 titles, Nintendo Switch Online also allows players to put their save files on the cloud. In case something unfortunate happens to the console, players can immediately re-download their save and pick up where they left off as long as they log into the same account.

Those who are subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online expansion pack will soon have access to the next one Mario Kart 8 Deluxe DLC. Announced as part of the recent Nintendo Direct, several new tracks are being added to the game. Subscribers will get access to the DLC at no additional cost, such as The Animal Crossing Happy Paradise DLC.

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Nintendo Switch Online is available now.

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