How to transfer Pokemon from generations 3 and 4 to HOME

Pokemon fans have the option of moving Pokemon from the Game Boy Advance, but moving Pokemon between generations is a little tricky until you reach generation six. So how do you go from the third generation to the fourth generation? So how do you transfer Pokemon from gen four to gen five? And then generation five to generation six?

The method of transferring Pokémon between each generation varied depending on the technology required. This included the Nintendo DS download game and the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, which eventually gave way to the Nintendo 3DS and its ability to download apps. This eventually led to Pokemon HOME, which gave way to Pokemon Bank.

It’s easy to get lost along the way, but there’s a path to transfer Gen 3 Pokemon to Sword and Shield. Here’s how.

How to Transfer Generation Three Pokémon to Generation Four

  1. Use a Nintendo DS, DS Lite or any DS family handheld with a GBA cartridge slot
  2. Drop any third generation Pokemon you want to transfer into a box
  3. Get to Pal Park in a Generation Four Pokemon Game
  4. Have the Pokemon gen-three game you want to transfer and the gen-four game that will receive the Pokemon plugged in at the same time
  5. In the main menu of the gen-four game, select “Migrate Pokemon” in the applicable GBA game
  6. Head to Pal Park and speak with the attendant
  7. Select the Pokémon to transfer
  8. Enter Pal Park and catch the desired Pokemon using Park Balls

Transferring Pokemon from Gen 3 to Gen 4 is a relatively straightforward process, but it does require access to post-game content. This means players will need to use a copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver that beat the Elite Four and champion. In the case of HGSS, the player will also need to advance to Fuschia City in the Kanto region.

The use of HeartGold or SoulSilver is recommended for any mass migration of Pokemon. Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum limit the number of Pokemon players can bring in each day. This saves players a lot of time in the real world compared to the original Gen Four titles.

How to Transfer Pokemon from Generation Four to Generation Five

  1. Have two Nintendo DS or 3DS systems ready, along with the gen-five and gen-four games you want to transfer between hooked up
  2. Move the gen four Pokemon you want to transfer to gen five in boxes
  3. In Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, or White 2, defeat the Elite Four and get the National Pokedex
  4. Go to the Pokemon Transfer Lab on Route 15
  5. Talk to the Pokemon Transfer Lab scientist to start the Pokemon transfer process
  6. On the Nintendo DS with the gen-four game, use the DS Download Play function in the DS home menu
  7. Select the Pokemon you want to transfer and play the minigame

The process of transferring Pokemon from Generation Four to Generation Five is strange. Not only is this the only time players have to use two Nintendo DS systems, but it’s also behind a weird mini-game. It’s not hard, but it ends up being boring for any Pokemon mass migration.

How to Transfer Generation 5 Pokemon to Pokemon Bank

  1. Download the Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank apps on a Nintendo 3DS
  2. Place any Pokemon you wish to transfer from the gen-five game into Box 1 of the PC
  3. Plug in the Pokemon gen-five game you want to transfer Pokemon to the 3DS and start Pokemon Transporter
  4. Open Pokemon Bank and receive the Pokemon in the transport box
  5. Move the Pokemon from the transport box to any other Pokemon Bank box

While moving Pokemon from Generation Four to Generation Five was far-fetched, things are simplified from now on. Transferring Pokemon from Black, White, Black 2 and White 2 required two Nintendo 3DS software in Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank. Pokemon Transporter was dedicated software for transferring Pokemon out of Gen Five games to Pokemon Bank.

The good news is that after being moved to Pokemon Bank, Pokemon could be moved freely between any gen six or seven game. Once players moved a Pokemon to a gen seven game, they could only plus move it back to a gen six game.

Players can still do this today, but in 2023 the Nintendo eShop will be taken offline for the WiiU and 3DS platforms and these apps will no longer be available for download. This means players looking to advance Pokemon from Gen Five should make sure to download both Pokemon Transporter and Pokemon Bank before then.

It also takes players to the final stage of moving Pokemon to modern platforms.

How to Move Pokemon from Pokemon Bank to Pokemon HOME

  1. Have active memberships in both Pokemon Bank and HOME
  2. In Pokemon HOME, select “Move” to receive a mobile key
  3. Open Pokemon Bank with no games inserted in the Nintendo 3DS cartridge slot
  4. Accept terms
  5. Select the Pokemon Bank boxes to move around Pokemon HOME and use the mobile key
  6. Receive the Pokemon in Pokemon HOME

The final step in transferring Pokemon to modern generations requires players to transfer them from Pokemon Bank to HOME. This is done with a uniform method that allows players to transfer Pokemon forward. Once Pokémon are moved to HOME, they cannot return to the Bank.

Once again, Pokemon Bank will no longer be available when the 3DS eShop closes in March 2022. Players must download the program before then.

The good news is that once the eShop closes on 3DS, Pokemon Bank will no longer have prices for active membership. The cost of Pokemon HOME membership will remain for the foreseeable future.

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