How to unlock DS sounds

Players looking to add a little more nostalgia to their Pokémon BDSP game can revert the games sounds back to the original with the DS sounds.

As Pokemon remakes of the past, Pokémon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl gives gamers the option to change the music and sounds of their games to those of the original Diamond & Pearl for Nintendo DS using DS sounds. After 15 years since the release of Diamond & Pearl in 2006, players can once again return to the Sinnoh region to experience a different Pokemon adventure with updated graphics and sound. Shiny diamond and shiny pearl recreate the original Diamond & Pearl soundtrack with orchestration and superior audio quality, but gamers looking for a higher dose of nostalgia can go back to the DS era and play along with all the original music and sound effects.


Shiny diamond and shiny pearl brought back the concept of including sounds from the original game that Gold Heart & Silver Soul introduced with the GB Sounds element after the option was not included in Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. It pays homage to the originals, but it also gives players the freedom to experience the remakes the way they want, whether they prefer a more classic sound or the modern sound of Gen VIII. DS sounds make it easy to switch between them so players can experience both versions as they progress Shiny diamond and shiny pearl after game.

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DS sounds are a key item that can only be obtained after players have defeated Cynthia and become the reigning Pokemon League Champion. However, players will be able to claim it before unlocking their national PokéDex, so they can fight and catch the latest Sinnoh Dex entries to the old-fashioned tunes of the DS Sounds.

How to get DS sounds in Pokémon BDSP

Sound Designer gives players DS sounds in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

In the Hotel Grand Lake sector on route 213 to Pokémon BDSP, players can find several special characters in the room to the left of the Seven Stars Restaurant who are representative of the designers of the games. There is a guitarist in this room by the name of “Sound Designer” who will give players the DS sounds when speaking to him after beating the Pokémon League. DS sounds can be used from the key item pocket of the bag, but they can also be equipped with the + button quick menu.

In the quick menu, players can easily switch between original Nintendo DS sounds and remade versions by simply selecting the DS Sounds item. Not only will this change the music in the overworld, but Pokémon battle music, sound effects, and screams will all return to their original sound. Players who prefer the soundtrack, want a more nostalgic experience with the remakes, or want to compare the two scores can discover all the charm of Diamond & Pearl sound design as they explore everything Shiny diamond and shiny pearl the post-game has to offer.

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Pokémon Shiny Diamond & Shiny Pearl are available on Nintendo Switch.

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