Is Star Fox 2 on Nintendo Switch?

Looking to play the elusive Star Fox 2 on modern consoles? You might be wondering if the game is on Nintendo Switch.

Star Fox 2 had a complicated release. Originally created in 1995, the game didn’t actually see the light of day until 2017 as part of the Super NES Classic Edition. With graphics advancing rapidly in the mid-90s, Nintendo sought to prioritize the Nintendo 64 in order to compete with Sony’s PlayStation. Although nearly complete, Nintendo canceled Star Fox 2 and decided to focus on a new game for the Nintendo 64 instead. Star Fox 64, released in 1997, incorporated some of the features of Star Fox 2.

Cut to 2017 and the release of the Super NES Classic console emulator. Star Fox 2 was finally released to the general public, fully completed. Apart from the Super NES Classic, fans might be wondering if there is any other way to play Star Fox 2.

In December 2019, Nintendo introduced Star Fox 2 to Nintendo Switch as part of its Nintendo Switch Online NES and Super NES services. Players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership can play Star Fox 2, alongside a library of other classic titles.

The library also includes The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, EarthBound, and more.

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