Jump Force digital sale ends in 2022 with online service to follow


Bandai Namco announced that the Shonen Jump fighter developed by Spike Chunsoft, Jump force, will end digital sales distribution for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on February 8, 2022. In addition, online service for the game will end on August 25, 2022.

This digital sales reconciliation includes DLC characters and standalone versions of the game. Content that will no longer be available includes:

  • Multiplayer lobby login
  • Online Events
  • Clan functions
  • Display panel display
  • Display of rankings
  • Accept rewards from the rewards counter
  • In-game store
  • Premium shop
  • Online ranked match.

The content that will be available includes

  • Offline content
  • Online Battles (No Ranked Battles)
  • DLC (if purchased before the deadline.)

It’s sad when that happens, but this game hasn’t been well received by critics and the fanservice is what kept it alive for as long as it’s been updated. In fact, the game was updated with new characters at the start of 2021.

Jump force follows the story of how players will exist in the world of shonen characters and fight alongside them in a battle to right the wrongs. The player creates their own avatar, customizes it by choosing from a wide variety of costumes and skills, and then joins the Jump Force located at the base of Umbras.

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You can see the update time below:

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