Justice Chronicles RPG Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced

Fight against fate

An adventure against fate itself. Kemco has announced the release date for the Nintendo Switch version of its RPG Justice Chronicles. A Press release about the ad provides more details.

Justice Chronicles follows the story of a novice beast knight who, while on a scout mission, finds a fatally wounded combat maiden. By making a deal with the god of death to save the maiden, in return for her own life, the beast knight and the maiden must work together to save the world and themselves. Players will travel through a world of war and destruction and restore a lost balance.

In addition to the story, players will be able to experience fully animated, turn-based combat, weapon crafting, side quests, and a whole host of characters. The story itself contains forty hours of gameplay. In addition, the whole frame of the world is presented through pixel art. Players also have the option of using the beasts that inhabit the world. Players wouldn’t feel like beast knights if they couldn’t fight alongside and against beasts.

“Justice Chronicles truly captures the essence of a true role-playing game! ” Says the press release.

Currently, the game is slated for a Nintendo Switch release on January 6. On release day, the game will go live in North America, Australia and Europe in the Nintendo online store. Additionally, the game will retail for $ 14.99 but will be on sale to celebrate the release. Are you ready for an adventure against fate? Will you save the world? So, get ready for the release of Justice Chronicles RPG for the Nintendo Switch.


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