Kardboard Kings, store management simulation, is coming to Switch

Today publisher Akupara Games and developer Henry’s House confirmed that Kardboard Kings will appear on To change. A release is scheduled for December.

Kardboard Kings is also set to receive a new content update called Card Game Island, which lets players experience Warlock, the in-game card game. roguelite deck.

You are the new owner of a local game store in the booming town of Parakeet Bay. Live the ultimate card lovers dream! Collect, buy and sell rare cards to increase your sales and develop a bond with the locals to increase your reputation. Beautify your space by decorating from a wide assortment of unlockable embellishments and rewards to solidify your place in the Kardboard kingdom!

Main characteristics

Buy, Sell or Flex – Buy low, sell high or just add cards to your storefront for all to see!

Collect 100+ Unique Cards – From opening booster packs to purchasing singles, you’ll discover dozens of vibrant cards with stack artwork from talented artists! (Plus their rare and shiny variants!)

Master an Ever-Changing Market – Reprints, rumors, rule changes, kiddie meal promotions, thieves and church condemnations (the usual suspects) will all affect the price of your valuable cards. Think fast!

Win the Hearts of Customers – Befriend regulars by tracking down their requests, help build their terraces, and be part of a sleepy beach town! Or just scam them and feel their anger!

Build the perfect shop – New management means new branding – create the shop of your dreams with a catalog of walls, floors, furniture and trinkets; everyone loves a good chia pet, right?

Solve the Mystery – All is not what it seems by the sea! The appearance of a mysterious masked thief leaves the townspeople wondering who to trust with their precious Maps! Who is this dark character? And what exactly are Legendary Cards?

Card Game Island – Buy a ticket to Card Game Island, test your wits and cunning against the toughest duelists in a roguelit deck-building game mode.

Take a look at the Kardboard Kings trailer below.

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