Kirby and the Forgotten Land trailer reveals release date, co-op play

Nintendo has just announced the release date of their next title, Kirby and the Forgotten Country. The announcement followed a new trailer highlighting Kirby’s copying abilities new and old. The game is currently scheduled for release on March 25.

The last time fans heard details of Kirby and the Forgotten Land was when it was announced at Nintendo’s last Direct event, after somehow appearing at the start of Nintendo’s Japan release schedule under a completely different title. In this new opus, Kirby and the Forgotten Country, players can join Kirby as the pink hero explores abandoned locations from past civilizations, one of which appears to be a shopping mall. This 3D action platformer is a nice change of pace for the franchise and will be the character’s first appearance since Kirby Fighters 2, which came out in 2020 and revolved around multiplayer combat.


The trailer shows Kirby doing what he does best throughout the franchise: inhale enemies and steal their abilities. It’s adorably brutal (or brutally cute) and highly necessary to survive in a world full of Waddle Dees and other equally lovable enemies. Some of the abilities shown in the trailer include Kirby firing cannonballs, becoming a tornado, causing a massive explosion, and more. The most recent abilities in the game include Kirby’s ability to pierce and move underground and use a megaphone as a multi-ability weapon. He will also have the ability to hit things with an oversized hammer and once again unknowingly cosplay as Link from THE Legend of Zelda while using the famous Sword and Ice ability.

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Other missions were also shown, with Kirby and his friend traveling to one of the great cities of the mysterious world. There Kirby can fish, buy food, participate in mini-games, collect mystery figures, talk to Wise Waddle Dee, and more. As Kirby and his sidekick cross the country on his most popular mode of transportation, a star, it looks like there might be other towns to visit. There will also be a variety of settings to explore, as Kirby is seen on tropical islands, a sandy wasteland, ruins, and what appears to be a brightly lit carnival.

Kirby is one of the most popular and easily recognizable protagonists of the Nintendo franchise. The fiery pink puff made its first appearance in Kirby’s Dreamland in 1992 and has continued to be a fan favorite ever since, with the inclusion of popular franchise installments such as Kirby’s return to dreamland, Kirby’s Epic Thread, and more over the years. You can now find Kirby 64: Crystal Shards on the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion service.

Kirby and the Forgotten Country releases for Nintendo Switch on March 25. Check out the all-new trailer below:

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There is still no word on a release outside of Japan.

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