Kirby transforms into a grocery bag as a My Nintendo Reward item

Kirby put 99 things in his mouth in Kirby and the Forgotten Land, and a plastic grocery bag wasn’t one of them. Now Nintendo has decided to turn it into a new My Nintendo Rewards item.

Kirby Grocery and Forgotten Land is now available on the My Nintendo Rewards page for fans living in North America. It costs 600 Platinum Points and is the perfect gaming product for those who are environmentally conscious when shopping.

The product description for the Kirby bag is clever, alluding to Kirby going into Mouthful mode as he appears to swallow the shopping bag. It reads: “This handy reusable bag features Kirby looking ready to transform into bite-size mode…perfect for shopping!”

The bag has two sides. One has Kirby’s face as he inflates while floating or holding a copy item or ability in his mouth. On the other side, Kirby crosses the Forgotten World with Elfilin following close behind. It measures 23 x 16 inches when open and when folded it even measures 5 x 5 inches – just small enough to fit in your purse.

In other Kirby news, Kirby and the Forgotten Land hit the sales peak in Japan. The game has sold over 550,000 copies in the past two weeks since its release, making it the series’ biggest launch in the country. It misses nearly 500,000 copies out of a million, but it’s still quite successful for Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

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