Kunio-kun’s 35th anniversary countdown website reveals brand new project


Update # 4 [Tue 5th Oct, 2021 02:00 BST]: During last week’s Tokyo Game Show, Arc System Works shared the opening movie trailer for this upcoming release. It will arrive in Japan in December and will feature more than 120 stages, according to the game’s official website. There is no word on the location of the game at this point.

Update # 3 [Fri 10th Sep, 2021 06:30 BST]: Here are the first official screenshots and a little more information, via Gematsu:

“Set at the end of the Han Dynasty during the Warring States period when local warlords competed against each other, an absurd and exhilarating comedic adventure will unfold with Guan Yu (Kunio) as the protagonist living in it. In addition, familiar characters will also appear as warlords and tacticians, tinting the world of Sangokushi in Kunio-kun. Experience the start of the turbulent era of the ‘Yellow Turban Rebellion’, the famous ‘Battle of the Red Cliffs’, and more in comedic action style. “

Belt Scrolling Action: The game uses the series’ familiar ‘belt scrolling action’. Closely connected areas form a vast stage. In addition to the battlefields, there are also towns and villages where you can shop. You can also do sightseeing on various terrains by visiting every nook and cranny of every area. “

Flashy Strategies: When talking about Sangokushi, flashy ‘strategies’ are always there to turn things around. Using powerful strategies will have a huge effect on all enemies on the screen. Plus, you can also turn things around. discover secret rooms and hidden passages using them in certain places… “

Kunio Kun

Update # 2 [Wed 8th Sep, 2021 01:05 BST]: We have new details on Kunio-kun’s anniversary project, including screenshots and character artwork. This is all courtesy of Famitsu via Nintendo Enthusiast.

The title translates to KThe Three Kingdoms Archives of uni-kun: Everyone comes together! – with the game taking place in the Roman of the Three Kingdoms universe. In the screenshots, you can see Kunio and other characters dressed in matching clothes. Famitsu also notes that development is around “65%” complete and that the game will launch on Switch in December in Japan.

Image: Famitsu

Update # 1 [Sat 4th Sep, 2021 04:55 BST]: As you might expect, Kunio-kun’s birthday website revealed that a new project is in development. It’s called Kunio-kun no Sangokushi dayo: Zeiin Shuugou! (thanks, Gematsu). It will be published by Arc System works and developed by APlus Games.

Here’s the official trailer, showing off the game’s logo:

Kunio Kun

Original article [Fri 3rd Sep, 2021 04:30 BST]: It’s the 35th anniversary of Technōs Japan’s popular co-op beat’em up series Kunio-kun this year.

A few months ago, Arc System Works revealed the official logo for this celebration and mentioned how it would be tracking many different projects – including new game releases, “related products” and even collaborations.

A countdown website has also been put online. At the time of writing, there is just under 24 hours left. We’ll probably have some sort of reveal this time around tomorrow September 4th.

On a somewhat related note, WayForward also recently gave us a look at the spinoff sequel, river town girls 2 – including screenshots and character illustrations.

Kunio-kun’s birthday celebrations will last for one year. What would you like to see from this series in its 35th year? Tell us below.

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