Level-5 Mech RPG Megaton Musashi Gets Free DLC Update In December



Level 5 Megaton Musashi is now available in Japan on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

Along with the game’s release, the company announced a new “large-scale” and “free” update coming in December. Here’s the scoop, courtesy of a translation by Gematsu:

“The update, dubbed” Free Update Vol. 1: Counterattack Boost Patch “, will add a mission to fight the mighty full-scale boss Dino, the new power-up system” Overlimit “, as well as Rogues that are not yet revealed (robots) and them. kabuki functions (special moves). “

Image: via Gematsu

Level 5 will also roll out even more updates for the game beyond December, including new missions and Rogues.

As explained before, this title is an anime-related robot fighting RPG. A physical Switch release is also planned in Japan. At the moment, there is no word on a Western location, and it is admittedly less likely now that Level-5 has withdrawn from the West.

Would you be interested in seeing this kind of localized game? What do you think of the fact that Level-5 – known for Professor Layton, Inazuma Eleven and more – is shutting down operations in the west? Comment below.


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