Luigi found on Sega GT Nintendo Connect prototype


Now GT, In Japan Sega GT: Special Homologation A Sim Racing video game co-created by Wam Entertainment and DOS and released by Sega in 2000 for the Tricast Home console.

L is real. In the 1990s, Sega and Nintendo were still direct competitors. Nowadays, when Sonic and Mario only fought for gold medals at the Olympics, it was even more so, that is, the space in the lounges of video game fans in the world. ‘era ! But did this match really exist or did it happen in people’s minds and did Sega secretly have a soft spot for Luigi and his friends from the Super Mario universe?

In fact, you only know Luigi at the wheel like the highly anticipated Mario Kart 9, and you wouldn’t expect him to be in a realistic racing simulation. In a prototype Now GT However, Luigi’s secret model has now been discovered in an in-game race. He poses with the opening flag, but does not appear to be animated, which is why the plumber starts the race “without doing anything”. The race is called “sonygt2” – probably a reference to the PlayStation title Grand Tourism 2 Since 1999, it’s been a few months Now GT Has been published.

During this post, Luigi can be some sort of shelter or inner Easter egg, and is not to be displayed outside of Seka’s walls. After all, it is the intellectual property of Nintendo.

In addition to this Sega Dreamcast news website, you will find even more interesting information. Shared with @ CombyLaurent1 yesterday Hidden Palace Website Two Dreamcast prototypes as part of the ongoing “Project Flood”. The project aims to catalog, preserve and publish video game prototypes, early stages, abandoned projects and more. The team previously released 700 unseen PS2 prototypes and structures in March 2021. Yesterday the team released the latest flood block of 349 Xbox prototypes and 135 Dreamcast.

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