Major ROM hack Final Fantasy VI T-Edition gets English translation

Professional Japanese to English translator and locator Clyde Mandelin (also known as “Tomato” or “Mato”) greedy nerds surprised Again. Mandelin translated Final Fantasy VI T edition and expansion T-Edition EX, one of the most popular and extensive ROM hacks for FFVI from Japan, in English to download with a patch. Final Fantasy VI T edition preserves the main story of the original SNES game but develops its foundations in multiple ways – enough for Mandelin to detail a huge list of changes that are still not exhaustive.

Some of the main differences include a myriad of new boss fights, new costumes for party members that change their stats, revised character balance (characters no longer receive magical stat boosts during leveling and have set parameter growth instead.) new abilities, bug (and Mandelin obviously fixed a few other bugs himself), and you actually have a degree of control over Umaro in combat now. Damage and healing can also reach 32,000 now. And all of this is really just the tip of the iceberg.

So basically Final Fantasy VI T edition is a “great” version of the original FFVI with tons of additional content, improved balance, and new challenges for longtime veterans – and everything has been translated into English by Mandelin with this patch. Although to be clear, Mandelin only made the ROM hacking fix available for download; you will have to go find the appropriate (and technically illegal) Final Fantasy VI ROM by yourself.

This is far from the first time that Clyde Mandelin has taken on an awesome fan translation project like this. For starters, it was the saint who translated by the fans Mother 3 in English, and it’s impeccable. But even beyond that, last year he translated Final Fantasy C2 in English, which is a ROM hack of Final Fantasy IV which rebuilds the entire game as an SNES version of Famicom Final Fantasy II.


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