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Mario Party Superstars is a delicious throwback to classic Mario party which manages to dramatically improve on its predecessor with a delicious lineup of classic mini-games, accessible online play, and the return of plenty of options and features that were previously lacking in the action. Mario Party Superstars is a focused and true to form entry for the series, and is easily the definitive way to play Mario party on the switch. While it could have used a bit more content and benefited from some fun new features from recent series entries, this is the best. Mario party for a long time.

For better or for worse (especially for better) it is Mario party as you remember it. As a ‘best-of’ game that focuses on the series’ glory days, there’s no room for gimmicks and changes from more recent entries. For most gamers, especially those with bad memories of the franchise’s carpool craze in Mario party 9 and ten, this is a welcome requirement, but other players may miss features such as partner characters and character-specific dice.

In one of the most important aspects of Mario party, mini games, Mario Party Superstars excels. With 100 selected mini-games from the whole series Mario Party Superstars comes up with what could be the best minigame list the series has seen to date. 55 of the 100 mini-games are from the original Nintendo 64 trilogy, the GameCube trilogy contributing 30 more, while the remaining 15 mini-games are from Mario party 7, 8, 9, and ten. If you grew up with the first two console trilogies in the series, there’s a good chance that many of your favorite mini-games are back to the party, sporting a fresh coat of paint while still being as fun as ever. .

Mario Party Superstars really feels like a ‘best of Mario party”In this regard, rightly focusing on the early days of the franchise. I was especially happy to see Coney Island and Pushy Penguins (from Mario party 5 and, more importantly, the demo disc that accompanied Mario Kart Double Dash), but there are dozens of other great mini-games that I’ll have fun with for a long time to come. Bumper Balls, Face Lift, Cast Aways, Honeycomb Havoc and many more classics are here and ready to tear your friendships apart again.

You can explore these mini-games on your own in Mt. Minigame, or on five sets selected from the original. Mario party trilogy: Peach’s Birthday Cake, Yoshi’s Tropical Island, Space Land, Horror Land and Woody Woods. This makes for a pretty solid selection of boards for your Mario Partying, and with many other boards and minigames from the original games unused, Nintendo can easily boost those numbers with DLC if you ever want to.

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Maybe by nature to focus on retro Mario party, Mario Party Superstars also addresses many of the embarrassing issues that have arisen in Super mario party. Even if Super mario party was a solid game in its own right which got the series back on track, it was significantly worsened by over-reliance on repetitive rhythmic mini-games, lack of interesting charts, far too cheap stars, inability to play in portable mode, and a sequel to it. limited line.

For the most part, everything has been fixed in Mario Party Superstars. Stars cost twenty coins again, or fifty if you want Boo to steal one for you, so you don’t have to worry about everyone having too many coins for most of the party. The chaotic absurdity Chance Time and Bowser Revolution are back in all their party glory, and you can have classic Bonus Star categories instead of the random categories of Super mario party. Mario Party Superstars Also brings together a much better crop of boards than its predecessor, which in my opinion only had one or two boards that held up more than one go-around. There are no rhythm mini-games to be found. You can play in portable mode if you’re in the mood for a mini-game on the go, and, in a big step forward for the franchise, you can play pretty much the entire game with friends online if you want to. .

In other aspects, however, Mario Party Superstars is almost too faithful to the old titles in the series. The character roster seems a bit undercooked, although that’s hardly a problem since Mario’s most important characters are all there. More urgently, the fun innovations of recent entries, such as character-specific dice and partner characters who joined you in the board game, are nowhere to be found. I also find myself wishing that a few particularly fun side modes of Super mario party, like River Survival and Square Off, had returned to some extent. Overall, these are minor setbacks resulting from Mario Party Superstarsunconditional reverence for his oldest ancestors. I’m much happier with the classic features and mini-games that have returned than I’m sad for any content that got lost in the shuffle, but others who really enjoyed some of the control mini-games from more inventive movement or dice of special characters might feel differently.

Mario Party Superstars finally marks a great entry into the franchise, going back to basics and relying on the stabilizing force that Super mario party planned for the wayward series, while removing some other innovations that had found their way into the franchise in recent entries. It is Mario party as you remember – whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. For me, that’s a good thing – the chaotic board game is back in all its glory, with arguably the best minigame roster in the series and full online play from day one. Looking to the past Mario Party Superstars has taken a much-needed step forward for the series.

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: October 29, 2021

Number of players: up to 4 players

Category: Party, Multiplayer

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Nintendo

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