Mario should try new sports

the Super Mario The series may be the plumber’s flagship series, but that’s certainly not the only reason Nintendo’s mascot character has become the gaming industry’s biggest icon, as the mario franchise has complemented classic platformers like Super Mario World and Super Mario 64 with many sports and racing games, including the Mario Kart series.

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Over the years, Mario, along with his friends and foes, have put their differences aside to compete in a wide range of sports, including tennis, baseball, and golf. The franchise’s sports releases don’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon, either, as Mario Golf: Super Rush was recently released in 2021, while Mario Strikers: Battle League is expected to hit stores in June 2022.

Considering the popularity mario sports games have been, Nintendo will likely look to expand the platformer’s sports skillset in the coming years to cover new sports. If Nintendo decides to go this route, there are plenty of sports that would be a perfect fit for the cast of mario characters. Although some of these sports have appeared as mini-games in mario and sonic at the Olympic games series, they have not yet been shown as full releases.


5 Professional wrestling

A mario The wrestling game was once on the verge of being a reality, as Nintendo worked on a game that was to be titled Super Mario Spikes in the mid-2000s, which would have featured a unique blend of wrestling and volleyball. Unfortunately, the ambitious game was cancelled. Although this idea seems to have been brilliant, a game that presents the mario thrown into the bizarre, over-the-top world of professional wrestling sounds even more enticing.

Professional wrestling is known for its ridiculous moves, extreme match conditions, and larger-than-life characters, all of which sound perfectly suited to the mario universe. Also, wrestling video games have always been popular among people with no real interest in shows like WWE or AEWbecause Royal Rumble, Hell in a Cell and Ladder matches are great fun with friends.

Although the cast of mario characters can wear pro wrestling game by themselves, it would be great for gameplay and marketing if characters like The Rock, Hulk Hogan and John Cena were featured in the game.

4 locust

On the one hand, it is surprising that Mario Cricket has not become a reality, given that cricket is the second most watched sport in the world. Although on the other hand, it makes sense that Bowser hasn’t tried to take on Mario with a bouncer yet, since cricket isn’t popular in Japan or North America.

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However, it’s fair to say that people don’t play mario sports games because they want an accurate representation of their favorite sport so if Nintendo thinks they can make a game of cricket work with Mario it could be a major hit for the sports series and also help the sport achieve new countries.

Football essentially has the opposite problem of cricket, as the sport is hugely popular in the United States but struggles to garner much interest elsewhere.

Besides the fact that soccer is only popular in the United States, it’s also a very stop-start sport, which might put off a lot of people in a mario play, especially children. However, mario recently found success with the turn-based strategy game Mario Kingdom Battle + Rabbids, which should get a sequel soon, so there may still be hope for Mario to test his throwing arm. Mario soccer ball a game that leans into the strategic side of the sport could work very well, as it would set the game apart from the many mario sports versions that simply focus on absurd fun.

2 Rugby

If the stop-start nature of football is indeed a problem for Nintendo, then rugby could provide the perfect solution, keeping younger audiences engaged with its faster-paced action.

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Rugby removes the many stoppages and abundance of protective gear from football and allows players to compete in a notoriously rough and fast sport. Real rugby, of course, has rules in place to make the game as safe as possible, although these can be thrown out the window for action-packed Mario rugby. game, which has the potential to be hilarious, cartoonishly violent, and action-packed.

1 Skateboarding

Skateboarding and video games have always gone hand in hand, especially with the skate and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchisees. Not only is it great fun racking up high scores by pulling off spectacular tricks and combos, but the skate the exploration of the series, and the professional skater enjoyable mission objectives in the series, have always led to a lot of fun, especially with friends.

A skateboarding Mario the game seems like a no-brainer, as it’s capable of performing over-the-top tricks, completing side objectives, and freely exploring levels inspired by some of the mario the universe’s most iconic realms, courses, and platforming levels appear to be a lot of fun and have high sales potential.

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