Marvelous Metroidvania Narita Boy Receives Physical Limited Edition Game Release

Image: via Nintendo

The Metroidvania Narita boy will receive a physical version of Limited Run Games on Nintendo Switch in the near future.

Pre-orders for the standard physical versions will open later this week on November 12 for $ 39.99, on the Limited Run Games website. There will also be a Collector’s Edition for $ 74.99 – which includes a poster, an original cassette tape, a techno sword pin and a floppy disk …yes, a floppy disk!

Narita boy
Image: Limited Stroke Games
Narita boy
Image: Limited Stroke Games

When Narita Boy arrived on the Nintendo Switch eShop earlier this year, we called it a “digital utopia” – giving it eight out of ten stars in our Nintendo Life review:

Narita Boy joins a plethora of entertainment franchises that pay homage to ’80s culture. But where others have failed, Narita Boy transcends inspiration with exceptional world-building, complex yet thoughtful narrative, and combat gameplay. breathtaking. He sometimes feels a little too much vague and abstract in its structure, and ultimately this prevents it from being a true masterpiece, but if you aspire to a Great Metroidvania title, then Narita Boy is absolutely what you’ve been waiting for. “

Will you be adding this title to your physical Switch collection? Have you ever played the Switch eShop version? Leave a comment below.

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